PC Review: Torchlight II {}

Vagary's Chris Scott reviews Torchlight II.

"Three years ago, when Runic Games released the original Torchlight, the Diabloesque style of role-playing game had been in a dire need of a pick me-up. While essentially only an updated version of the original Diablo, Torchlight was a resounding success that reignited fan interest in that style of game, triggering a slew of titles built around that formula to hit the mainstream. Most of those titles though left quite a lot to be desired but the promise of Torchlight II had everyone’s hopes up but then we waited and waited and waited so more."

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Relientk773226d ago

Great game, was playing it last night

napoleon10663226d ago

I wish I had more time to play it. Definitely coming back to this one once we get out of the fall busy season.

Relientk773226d ago

Yea this certainly is the busiest months of gaming. Busiest but with alot of big game releases