Inside the PS3: Has it been maxed out?

PSReveal: "With Sony's PS3 approaching its sixth birthday in a month, there is no doubt that the technology found within it is aging."

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360ICE4007d ago

Depends how you define "maxed"
and "out"
and "PS3"
and "Inside"
and "it"
and "been"
and "the"

toxic274007d ago

Yup :) Absolutely. That's why I added to the bottom of the opinion piece the discussion point of whether it actually means anything.

For example, if the PS3 is "maxed out," games can still be developed on it and it doesn't necessarily mean the PS4 is needed ASAP. The main point of this article was to determine (or let the reader determine) whether or not the technology within the platform has been completely explored.

In short, will any technological "jumps" be seen in PS3 games anymore?

yewles14006d ago

"In short, will any technological "jumps" be seen in PS3 games anymore?"

Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us may be the 2 final answers to that question.

360ICE4006d ago

Also, shouldn't the main point be to inform the reader.
Or are the best teachers the ones going:
"What do you feel happened during WW2, Jim"

Forgive me if I'm being a little unfair, but a lot of articles seem to take the "you decide" shortcut, instead of taking a stand for objective explaration.

toxic274006d ago


I see what you're getting at. What I was aiming for in writing and publishing this article was to present the reader with various "subjective" opinions from developers who have a good amount of PS3-developing experience. From that, instead of slamming down an objective viewpoint, I wanted the readers to debate one themselves.

Thank you for your comments though; they'll help my future articles :)

I_LOVE_MYSELF4006d ago

I don't think we will see significant technical jumps, but I do feel the system can squeeze out a better performance than what we have seen. The Last of Us looks set to do something special.

The system is pretty much set in stone for what it can acheive. The only thing left to do now is for developers to use clever ways to build their games that will result in better visuals.

Example? GodOW2 on PS2. The system clearly had reached the point where people knew what to expect.GodOW2's development process and design choices were so clever that it even managed to raise the bar ever so slightly even though it was so late in the consoles life cycle.

It is more a case of developers getting maxed out and not the conoles.

OC_MurphysLaw4006d ago

@toxic27... I love that you get disagree's for posing the question. I think your question of will any technological jumps be seen in PS3 games moving forward is pretty legit.

I dont think you will see any "huge" jumps. You may see a few more refinements but its not going to be ground breaking at this point.

Beyond Two Souls and the Last of Us are held high as an answer to your question seemingly saying that yes there will be more jumps and they are proof. I say they are not. Both those games are just refinements of the developers previous work. Last of Us looks great! but it doesn't look like some leap of technology over Uncharted 3. Beyond Two Souls is basically Heavy Rain tech with a different story/setting/genre and hopefully much better voice acting and some tweaks to an already fantastic graphic engine.

PS3 is still a monster of a machine and will continue to produce great games...but the days of huge technology leaps on this machine are over. No matter how good you think the cell processor is on the PS3 the combined 512mb of RAM are ultimately going to handcuff the PS3 moving forward.

Anon19744006d ago

"It is more a case of developers getting maxed out and not the consoles."

You hit the nail right on the head with that statement. That's why we have developers cautioning us right now not to expect a huge leap in the games we see when new hardware becomes available. At this point, the bottleneck is with developer resources more than it is with the hardware. Hardware might ease some of their problems, but I'm not expecting anything revolutionary when the next gen roles around.

Pushagree4005d ago

The Ps3's hardware has absolutely been maxed out. It's potential in the blu-ray department is another story though since only a few devs have gone beyond a single layer.

knowyourstuff4005d ago

This is actually a complex question, it isn't so black and white. The game engine is what limits a console, technically a developer codes according to the engine, and you can be more or less efficient with the way you code the game. If you're less efficient, you will have "maxed out" and reached the limits according to what you are capable of with how you approach code design. What needs to change is the efficiency of the game engine, and the efficiency with how things are coded, better utilizing the hardware, as there are always new and creative ways to utilize hardware, you just need to find them.

So it's not about whether the console has been maxed out in most cases, it's whether the developer can do anything more with their current technology, game engine, and methods of coding. This is why each developer listed has a different answer to that question. Notice how the more creative developers who made Dishonor are on clear consensus that more creative stuff can be done to get more out of the console, and other devs who are a lot more derivative can't seem to find anything else to do with the console? This does have a lot to do with whether the previous methods of each developer used were efficient to begin with (The Uncharted guys were pretty outstanding already) but the point stands.

Enigma_20994005d ago

Done your article on the 360 yet? Or is it just the PS3 you want to give the impression of being old and antiquated?

toxic274004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )


You do realize that the domain name of my site, PSReveal.com, stands for PlayStation Reveal, meaning revelations associated with the PlayStation brand, right? The point of the article was not to make the PS3 sound old, or even new for that matter. The point was to get people to think and discuss the "remaining" power of the system and develop their own stance.

Your assumption that my goal of the article was to make the PS3 look old is simply a mirrored summary of your developed subjective opinion of the text. So, Mr. Engima_2099, why do you think the PS3 is "old and antiquated," since no place in the article pushes for such an objective thought. Good day :)

Enigma_20994003d ago


Reflex response to these types of articles. And I could give a good god d*** what you call your site. You didn't want to give that impression, title your articles better.

Why do I think the PS3 is "old and antiquated?" I don't. But then again, I don't think it's been maxed out either.

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Blaze9294006d ago

who comes up with this shit

MostJadedGamer4005d ago

Heres the most important line from the article

"And if the PS3 is maxed out, does this necessarily mean that it is time to move on?"

The answer is no we don't need to move on if the PS3 is already maxxed out. Instead its time to focus on gameplay, and finish the PS3's life my putting out the best games possible in 2013, and 2014.

mewhy324005d ago

It's safe to say that that developers are maxing out both consoles most of the time. Optimization is the name of the game now. To get more production from the consoles we're going to have to get better code.

neogeo4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

It's all about code, time and profit. There are small projects I have seen that still program for Snes and can max it higher then N64 graphics.

The problem is profit. If I had a billion dollars to waist it would be fun to build a massive engine from the ground up that used hand written code for the PS3 SPU's that would take years and millions of hours to make that is 99% error free. We could see 1080p games@60fps looking better then ps4. It would take years and WAY more money and time to make and would be not profitable even if the game sold 100 million copies. I would still love to see it happen.

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TCG_Returns4006d ago

Dumb headline and a ridiculous picture to match.Congrats toxic.You've confirmed you have no interesting ideas to write about to you just spew bullshit onto a plank page and submit it looking for hits.

I'll remember how shitty your site is from now.

toxic274006d ago

Hi TCG_Returns, do you mind explaining this "bullshit"? I'm all for improving both my site and writing abilities and would love some details on your criticism. Care to explain? Thanks

Gazondaily4006d ago

Really mature there TCG_Returns....

ravinash4005d ago

TCG_Returns....and then bug*** off again.

abzdine4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

At least 3 graphical monsters are coming next year :

God of War: Ascension
The Last of Us

The Last of us looks better than Uncharted 3, God of Was Ascension better then God of War 3 so NO the PS3 hasn't been maxed out yet!

EDIT : Those who disagree can you explain why ?

KwietStorm_BLM4006d ago

Because barely anything has been seen to make that kind of comparison?

srcBFMVBMTH4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

God of War: Ascension does indeed look beautiful.


It'll definitely look better once the game actually comes out.

Same with The Last Of Us and Beyond.



Sad to say that the PS3 has been maxed out a long time ago though. It's still amazing what devs could pull out of 6 year old hardware though IMO.

Pretty much what M2- said below.

"Lettuce be reality, the PS3 (on topic) has been maxed out for sometime. The real question is how much room is left for game engine optimization?"

Norrison4005d ago

GOW doesn't look that good, it's full of low res textures. But it still looks good for consoles.
Last of us got ugly textures too, look at the floor on the first shot, and look at the truck and the ceilling in the second one. Even though most of the enviromet looks vibrant and the character models are flawless.
Beyond two souls does look good.

srcBFMVBMTH4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )


"But it still looks good for consoles."

Uhhhhhmmmmmm yeeeeaaaaa, pretty sure that was the point dude. lmao. Compared to other CONSOLE games, they look beautiful.

And considering the games aren't even CLOSE to being finished with God Of War still having about 24 weeks until release, and The Last Of Us and Beyond not even having a release date yet. They still have a lot more time for tweaking.

If you are comparing them to PC standards though then your post is COMPLETELY irrelevant considering I only said they look good, for old six year old outdated hardware. lmao

Dee_914005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

they look good regardless of how old the hardware is really.

Like we discussed on this site back in 09 there is no "maxed out "
It depends on the developer and how much they can optimize.
Im sure they can make a game for ps2 right now and it would look better than every ps2 game to date.
That doesnt mean the ps2 is or isnt maxed out .

otherZinc4006d ago

I'll explain...

ND said its tapped. Uncharted 3 had side mission co-op. If they had unified RAM in the PS3, I'm positive The Last Of Us would have Campaign Co-op but it cant.

That's moving forward with power. Making a game look slightly better is ok but make the next step in your game.

If The Last Of Us can have an AI companion running through the Main Campaign, a human should be able to control that character.

There's a reason campaign co-op isn't in The Last Of Us.