Tech Evolution: How Devs Pushed Consoles To Their Limits

GamesIndustry- It seems clear that the console makers have learned from the lessons of yesteryear, and that the progression of gaming technology will be considerably smoother from this generation to the next than it was seven years ago - barring any surprises in console design, there will be no fundamental shift in the way games are made; the next consoles will simply be a generational increase in horsepower, but based on the existing principles of a multi-core CPU and graphics processor.

While the price we pay may well be a more conservative approach to design, and a move away from the Kutaragi-inspired exotic hardware that characterised three generations of PlayStation hardware, developers should be able to hit the ground running - and for a time at least, develop the same titles across current and next-gen consoles simultaneously.

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ab5olut10n3220d ago

word. any attempt to innovate is just stupid. take a page from the devs themselves and just keep making the same thing shinier.

zebramocha3220d ago

Push it to the limit,push it!

Npugz73220d ago

I think were gonna see some cool looking games next gen!

ElectricKaibutsu3220d ago

That was a great article. I never realized I had no idea how developers got better at designing for a system throughout its life cycle. This gave me a lot of insight.

Though it wasn't mentioned explicitly in the article it seems this bodes well for the Wii U. Even if the Wii U is underpowered compared to the other big 2, it won't mean the Wii U will outright miss multiplats since the architecture will be similar.