Exclusive Interview With The War Z's Lead Designer

Earlier this week, FPSGeneral debuted it's interview with The War Z's Executive Producer, Sergey Titov and today they're following that up with another exclusive chat.

This time around, they managed to grab Hess, the Lead Designer on The War Z. Busy as his schedule is working on the game, Hess was kind enough to sit down and talk with them about the game for a few minutes. In the interview, we chat about the latest challenges that the team is facing from a design standpoint, as well as how Hess thinks that players will choose to interact with each other.

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ahamling272233d ago

This looks sooooo much better than DayZ, graphics wise. I really hope they tune that tactical knife a little better though, one-stabbing zombies seems a little over-powered.

I can't wait to get into the beta of this though, it's gonna be sweet!

ThanatosDMC2233d ago

I want to know if it's the same thing as DayZ in which "if i could see it, i could go to it."