10 Hollywood Actors That Could Be Awesome Video Game Villains

"We've had plenty of games cross over to the silver screen in the past decade. Most of these films have been dreadful though, with plenty of great franchises butchered by the likes of Uwe Boll. And yes, I feel totally justified in picking on a single director when it comes to awful movies of games. The few times Boll hasn't been involved, something else has been missing from Hollywood interpretations of our favourite games. The action and high production values are there but, more often than not, the casting just isn't right. Whilst heroes are an important factor in gaming, the villains need to be just as well portrayed so here are ten actors from Hollywood's past and present who would make great game villains."

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Summons753222d ago

Anthony Hopkins playing Psych Mantis would is a dead ringer!

mochachino3222d ago

Damn, so interested but so unwilling to support click whore sites desperate for hits. Put all ten in one page or at least put 5 a page, I just can't support sites like this.

I guess I'll never know.