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"For the longest time I had thought Japanese RPGs had gone by the wayside during this console generation. After being spoiled on the Playstation 2 I expected the PS3 and Wii (hell, even the 360) to produce content worthy of the newest tech. A couple years passed with only a few noteworthy releases to see our shores—Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata to name a few—to the point where Western RPGs became the new golden standard. When the highly divisive Final Fantasy XIII was released, it felt like the standard for what truly constitutes a JRPG had changed to something more action-oriented. These days, the search for a more “Japanese” experience will more than likely lead you to a niche market of quirky titles that constantly tinkers with RPG mechanics but feels surprisingly traditional. Out of all those games, Mugen Souls is the title that relishes the most in playing around with what makes an RPG to create a complex and ridiculous genre piece."

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