Yakuza 5 Could Be The Series' Best

IGN - Five character, five cities, 120 minigames: Sega's great series' ambition shows no signs of slowing.

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RyuX193221d ago

The game has freaking DANCE BATTLES!! That alone makes it the best of the series!!! *Starts Dancin*

vork773221d ago

well yakuza 1-4 was good and i wont be enjoying playing as the girl but the others hell yea

3221d ago
Yui_Suzumiya3221d ago

I've been wanting to get into this series for awhile now. I want to get Yakuza 4. Are there any light RPG elements?

GillHarrison3221d ago

There is, but the only thing I didn't like about Yakuza 4 was having to level up one character and then start from complete scratch on the next character. You had to do this 4 times.

gintoki7773221d ago

Rpg elements as in you choose what moves you upgrade yes. You have plenty to explore and things to do aside from the main story which I recommend. You also have items you purchase from stores to restore health or your "heat gauge" I believe weapons can be upgraded. So I would say there are light Rpg elements.

I have completed yakuza 2,3,4 loved them all

akiraburn3221d ago

Yes, this series definitely has RPG elements to it. The basic premise of the series is that you are playing as an ex-Yakuza member who ends up getting sucked into many of the problems of his former clan. The games all revolve around a place in Tokyo called Kamurocho (fictional, although based on an actual district) where you have the ability to roam around freely in-between the story to accomplish side-missions, play mini-games (literally dozens of them), learn new abilities, level your character(s), and much more.

Now, I may be a bit bias as this has become one of my all-time favorite series, however I can't recommend these games enough. They offer an immense amount of content, an immersive story, and a lot of variety in gameplay. I personally would recommend starting with Yakuza 3, only because you get a much broader feel for the main character, and you get a chance to check out some more of the back-story (which regardless, each game does come with lengthy videos explaining what happened in the prior games). If you want more info, feel free to message me any time.

Catoplepas3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

More than light I'd say. The game conforms to quite a few RPG tropes, side-quests, exp, equipment, exploration etc.

Either way the series is criminally underrated. You'd be hard pressed to find a game with quite as much content in it.

Do your self a a favour and stick to the main series entries though. I'm a massive fan of Yakuza as a whole, but Dead Souls was dross.

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