First screens of Half-Life 2 on the 360

Direct from the floors of X06 come these leaked screenshots of Half-Life 2, apparently running on the X-Box 360.

The screens, which seem to be exactly the same as the PC screenshots released a few weeks ago, are presented in widescreen, and look a lot prettier than their PC counterparts, proof that Valve will indeed be updating the Source engine to make the most of the 360's power.

It's already been confirmed that all of the episodes will feature HDR lighting on the 360 - who knows what other visual treats Valve has in store.

Click the link to see the screens

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Antan5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

on a side note, these shots are from Episode 2. Certainly good news Valve are improving what already is a great looking game, even a 2 year old HL2 still holds its own again many fps game released after it did. Kudos to Valve.