Dishonored: ‘Second and third playthrough are more powerful’, no focus on horror

A game like Dishonored has terrific atmosphere, and if you remember games like Thief 3, you know that good atmosphere can do wonders for horror. Unfortunately, Dishonored's focus is not on pure horror, but its dark atmosphere does enhance the game in some ways.

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Paragon3217d ago

The game looks really good so far! :) Very unique, and looks very fun.

lastdual3217d ago

That headline is a bit misleading.

To clarify: There is no New Game+ mode, but repeat playthroughs may open more options since you'll have a better grasp of the levels and your abilities.

Also, horror is not the main focus of the game, but that's not to say that there won't be plenty of suspense.

Xof3216d ago

...I honestly don't understand why ANY game in this day and age doesn't have a NG+.

Particularly RPGs.

lastdual3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Yeah, I can't wait to play Dishonored, but I think Arkane definitely dropped the ball when they chose not to include a NG+ mode.

There's never a good reason for preventing players from replaying a game how they want to play.

OhMyGandhi3217d ago

While I'm really excited for this game, I don't feel like it will be as polished as it should be.

TheGamingArt3217d ago

Doesn't matter if I'm interested in this game or not. I'm not supporting this studio any more.

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Grimhammer003216d ago

Well....EA & Activision have both shady practices.
But they are generally upfront about it. EA shutting down ancient servers or fifa13 being a virtual reskinned copy of fifa12. Yeah that's bs.

But what Bethesda did is really quite dirty. You truly believe they couldn't get dawnguard to work on ps3? They just were willing to upscale resources to get it done. They are a buisness and probably calculated what they would require in staffing to get it done vs sales of said dlc.

But I'd argue that publishers should stand behind their products and take a hit now and then to make things right. After all future sales will be affected.

But in the context of this situation....Arkane shouldn't be penalized for Bethesda failings.

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