Five New Games That Look Completely Mind-Blowing

After getting hands-on with some of the year’s most eagerly-anticipated games at Eurogamer Expo, Jacques Voller picks out five new playing experiences that demand your attention.

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Mad_Mack3217d ago

Company of Heroes was also amazing, and Prison Architect also looked good (though more for the implied rape than for the game play)

vortis3217d ago

Do you have to use your architect skills to build walls and section off inmates in order to protect weak prisoners from gang rape or is that not in the game?

Mad_Mack3216d ago

From what I can see, it is entirely possible to build a shower block right in the middle of the cell blocks, and put the guards at the far end of the prison.

I doubt you will get to actually see the rape in game, but it will be strongly implied, at least in every prison I am planning to build.

bubblebeam3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )


No, you actually buy mech suits for the weaker prisoners so they can defeat their would-be rapists. Wait, why the fack am I talking about this?

N4G, why you do this to me?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )


Carl_Shocker3217d ago

"Devil May Cry Reboot"

No...just no

If Capcom themselfs with a 600 development team can't create a good RE game then how the hell is an average western developer as ignorant and arrogant as them with no respect for the DMC franchise going to do them any good.

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wastedcells3217d ago

Is ninja theory a western developer? They are in the UK I think. Which maybe considered western I guess but their games don't feel completely western. They have made games that were almost great. Maybe they will surprise us. Fingers crossed.

rezzah3216d ago

I think their strength is their story telling. Other than that, not so great.

pompombrum3217d ago

DMC mind blowing? Yeah mind blowingly depressing. If people think Resi evil 6 is getting criticized, wait until DMC gets released.

Burning_Finger3217d ago

DMC is mind blowing in a bad way. It's mind blowing that you want to say WTF.

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The story is too old to be commented.