Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate scans show first Wii U shots

Take a look at Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate scans showing the first screenshots of the Wii U title.

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blue_cheese2209d ago

hard to tell if it looks good or not lol. either way its going to be a great game.

baldulf2209d ago

From the scans it looks like the 3DS version.

Not much of a graphical leap.

DivineAssault 2209d ago

thats because it is.. The 3DS version is a port from the wii & this is that same game.. A 3rd port of the wii version.. Im sure its going to better visually than the others but its still the same game from last gen.. I dont think u can get both 3DS & Wii U versions for one price either.. This combo will be about $100 for a last gen game thats crispier.. Nope, not interested.. If it were cross buy, i would consider it but im not giving capcom that much for a recycled game.. MH4 on 3DS may in fact best the wii u version as far as gameplay & content..

mobiusoneac42209d ago

"its still the same game from last gen"

It has as much content as MHFU and improved gameplay mechanics. If you played P3rd/TriG I could see why you'd skip though.

I don't wanna give Crapcom any of my dosh either, but I'd like to see more localizations.

3-4-52209d ago

your talking about going from console to handheld.

EPIKgamer2209d ago

If you zoom in you can definatley tell the WiiU version had more AA, better textures, and particle effects.

cashrell11712209d ago

This is great for nintendo, sony is a bunch of morons for letting nintendo get this
Monster hunter sells consoles in japan smh....would be perfeft for vita smh dumb ass sony

mobiusoneac42209d ago

I'm so hyped, but I wish they'd kept Akantor, Ukanlos, and Amatsumagatsuchi. Also, Rajang would be a nice addition.

sdozzo2209d ago

Yeah, no Vita killed me.

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