The 12 kidnappings of Princess Peach

Did you know that New Super Mario Bros U will mark the 12th time in a main series Mario game that Princess Peach has been kidnapped? Mario has rescued Peach 11 times so far and the rewards keep getting worse.

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Snookies122211d ago

You'd think they'd tighten up security after maybe the 3rd or 4th time this happened...

n4f2210d ago

or just let the kidnapper keep her

DivineAssault 2210d ago

why does he kidnap her anyway? how'd she get so buddy buddy w mario for him to risk his life & go massive quests just to save her so many times just for a kiss on the cheeck? He needs to start asking for a solid paycheck for going through all that..

cpayne932210d ago

Yeah have you seen his house in the games? It's a total dump. The hero of the mushroom kingdom lives in a two room house with his brother. It was a little bigger in mario and luigi superstar saga but still. What happened to that mansion luigi got?

CaptainYesterday2210d ago

What do you expect she's got a bunch of Toad's protecting the place -__- you'd think by now she would consider getting some turret's or something!

L6RD7BLU32210d ago

"Kidnapped" yeah sure that's what she wants Mario to think :)

d3nworth12210d ago

You see now if she had chuck Norris as her bodyguard she wouldn't have to worry about being kidnapped again.

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