DFC: Next-gen war potentially win-win-win

Research firm DFC Intelligence released a game-industry brief providing its lay of the land heading into the PlayStation 3 and Wii launches this November, and the organization is abstaining from backing any particular horse in the race. The brief is titled "Win, Place, or Show: Does it Really Matter," and it suggests that there are more important considerations than who is going to sell the most consoles this year.

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zypher5915d ago

oh no. the news that all true gamers would love to hear. the news that no hardcore fanboy wants to hear. PS3, 360 and Wii...they ALL WIN the next-gen wars...maybe. this would be the true cure for the cancer that is fanboyism.

BIadestarX5915d ago

I agree... Why can we all get along!? Well, cause it's always fun to see Sony fanboys develop hemorrhoids if you don't agree that the cell inside of the PS3 is 20 years ahead of today's most powerful super processor.

zypher5915d ago

its no less fun than to witness the utter chagrin in Microsoft fanboy posts when you don't agree with them that the PS3 sucks. which, after you've had your quick laugh, you realize is quite sad.

HyperBear5915d ago

I agree. I hope this does turn out to be true and that m$, Sony and Nintendo all get 33% of the game market share, that way eveyrone won, and then no fanboy can say, oh my such n' such company beat you guys, cause then if they did and the scores where 33% all, then that guy would be a doucheBag, and everyone who just flame him to hell. but i can see every system winning, cause to tell you the truth, i plan on having all 3 by Cmas. Im tryin anyways.

Lionel Hutz5915d ago

…then I think that it can be seen as a victory for all. MS and Nintendo will see this as a BIG gain in the market share over Sony from the last gen. However, Sony will still be the biggest beneficiary of them all since they will have placed so many blu-ray players in the market opening up the movie market for them. And although Sony will have lost considerably to what they had last gen with the PS2 if it is split 1/3 down the line, Sony will probably see the most FINANCIAL gain, although the monumental gain will be made by its competitors.

Also, one would have to consider that Nintendo would have the least financial gain considering that its system is being sold for the least amount of money. When Sony and MS being to turn a profit on the console sales, they will be selling for a higher profit margins than Nintendo as their consoles will be higher priced (and will sell just as many).

FadeToBlack5915d ago

By 2008

MS has 50%
Sony has 40%
Nintendo has 10%

I will get alot of flame about the nintendo numbers but i just dont think this new controller gimik will hold up. I myself really want to try out the wii but I think the novelty will really wear off. Along with the fact that i cant take advantage of my HDTV with it. Its really made built for the future. Keep in mind this is just my opinion.

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