Resident Evil 6 gets slammed by both critics and gamers, user score on metacritic 0.4

Barely has Resident Evil 6 been released around the world and already both professional reviewers and users of aggregate website Metacritic are slamming Capcom’s third-person shooter with extremely low scores

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I_LOVE_MYSELF3895d ago

Agree totally about the critics score. I know a lot of shady stuff happens and some scores will be too high and some scores too low because of trolling, but overall the score reflects that it has fallen off BIG TIME in comparison to other titles in the series...

However, the user reviews can not be trusted. People will be so angered they will instantly just hit the lowest possible score. I think the user section should have a simple LIKE and DISLIKE button and we get to see the percentage of users who liked the game. Lets face it, most users are not cabible of giving trust worthy scores, but they are capible of saying if they simply like or dislike the game.

crxss3895d ago

i REALLY hope this paints a picture for Capcom. maybe they should just rehire Shinji Mikami as an external consultant or something

zeeshan3894d ago

I have been saying this for months now! We the gamers can make ourselves heard by a) Voicing our opinions/suggestions on these forums and b) By voting from our wallets and in this case, by not buying this game.

I am afraid that this game will still sell millions which is really, a sad, sad thing! I really think that if this game gets bombed at the retail stores like Operation Racoon City did, it just might end up saving the whole RE series.

The next few weeks and couple of months are going to be very important. If they can pull an Activision and get away with all the shortcomings of this game while still selling millions of copies ala COD then you can bet your a** that RE is doomed... forever!

I am extremely disappointed with Capcom this generation. They used to be one of my favorite companies when it came to video games but now, they look like a bunch of Activision/Kottick wannabes who just don't give a damn about gamers and franchise fans.

RPG12013894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I agree almost completely. Sorry dude; but users are people who buy the game. We are scoring 0 because we want RE to go back to its roots. Not because the game deserves a 0- obviously not.

AsimLeonheart3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Another game sacrificed to the action/shooter craze. The problem is that the videogame industry has become too big for its own good. Developing costs and marketing budgets have sky-rocketed and companies need to recover the costs in any way possible. This has led to focusing on the most popular genre only and abandoning other less popular genres. The rise of DLC is also one of the ways to increase revenue from a single game. All of this in turn has resulted in low quality, dlc infested and unfinished shooters/games ready to be patched up on day one. Anyone who even tries to make something different regrets it and eventually turns toward the shooter genre for increased profitability. The best days of gaming lasted from mid 90s and until 2005 when gaming companies were small and were driven by passion, dreams and vision instead of costs, revenues and profits. Every developer made what he wanted to make and did not worry about the money. They were passionate about their creations and just wanted to make their dream games. Now developers are slaves of giant corporation management who either obey them or lose their jobs. Ever wonder why all the legendary game creators like Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uemetsu, Shinji Mikami, Soraya Saga, Yasunori Mitsuda, Tesuya Takahashi, Masato Kato and Yasuyuki Honne are living a life of obscurity?? They refused to bow down to the shareholders and management. That is the reason we do not get ground breaking games any more and just sequels after sequels and generic shooters. The best days were when gaming industry was small and less commercialized than today.

Yi-Long3894d ago

.... right now the company is all about GREED, not quality.

pixelsword3894d ago

I actually liked the demo...

Anon19743894d ago

I find it interesting to see what's happening with RE6. First off, the notion that the critics are slamming this game is just a bald faced lie. Thanks, for the commentary, but I can see the critic reviews just fine. So far, 15 positive, 5 mixed, one negative. So that's what constitutes "slammed by critics" these days? I don't think so.

As for the troll army rising up on metacritic, that happens so often in the user section now it's completely meaningless. I've played thousands of games in my 30+ years of gaming and I've seen few that were deserving of scores as low as 0 or 1.

If I let internet over-reaction dictate my playing habits, I wouldn't play anything at all. I'll wait till I see more reviews pop up but so far this is looking like a purchase for me. Maybe not a day one purchase, but I had a blast with the co-op in RE5. If it's anything similar, I'm in.

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Dark113895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Lol , whatever you say , but we all know how the sales will be;)

ForNgoods3894d ago

Cant see how anyone can disagree with this. I remember not to long ago Operation Raccoon City was released and the reviews were abysmal. Yet somehow sales were much higher than they deserved. It really is time they step away from RE series for awhile and come up with new IP's.

moparful993894d ago

I'm pretty deep into leon's campaign and so far I really like it.. Alot of people are screaming and crying but I'm enjoying it.. There are some frustrating parts but all in all I'm happy.. Before people blast me and scream let me tell you that I have played and beaten Re1, Re2,Re3,Re4,Re5, Umbrella chronicles, played but havent beaten code veronica... I love the elevated level of character control and the ability to actually move while shooting.

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OhMyGandhi3895d ago

This is about as clear a message as we are going to send them.
Let's hope Capcom actually takes "consumer feedback" into consideration when making the next inevitable Resident Evil game.

kesvalk3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

the only feedback they take is money, if you slam the score of the game, but buy it anyway, your opinion about it is useless.

Old McGroin3895d ago

Saw this on another forum:

"Hey hey let's go kenka suru
Taisetsu no mono protect my balls!
Boku ga warui so let's fighting
Let's fighting love!

Resident Evil is dead may I present to you 'Gearscharted Resident of Duty Space Evil QTE Edition', Shooty shoot, with the twenty mags of ammo stashed in your biceps. Jumpy Jump, with the new divey dive command using realistic physics captured directly from Tony Hawks falling off a skateboard. Get Tensy tense with our new QTE's, press X to feel tension. Friendy friend, your companion is with you at all times standing and looking at nothing while chaos erupts or using all your herbs in a peaceful valley. Not sure where to feel tension, no worries your companion will help you with dialogue like 'god damned dis place be f****d I'm tense bro'.

Spray machismo on your zombie foes with Resident Evil 6 it's like Gears of War only with a different name."

crazysammy3895d ago

I have to admit, you are trying too hard.

Digimortal3894d ago

It plays nothing like Gears of War, where in the hell do you idiots come up with this crap. Oh just because it has the Camera down low when you run. WOW, really. So why not say Gears of war copied Resident Evil 4. Fucking retarded

kesvalk3894d ago

call of duty at least have fluid gameplay.

Digimortal3894d ago

Yet RE6 has nothing related to COD, Action. Seriously? Please people wake the hell up.

Veneno3894d ago

Yeah people need to shut the hell up about COD. I've never played RE6 and dont plan on it but I know its probly nothing like CoD because no matter what the genre is, action, puzzle, sports, fighting, rpg, it gets compared to call of duty.

Bowzabub3894d ago

I was referring to development cycles. I don't want a new game every single year. I would much rather development teams take 2-3 years to craft a newer experience, similar to how the team making Assassin's Creed 3 were in development for 3 years. I never said it had anything to do with gameplay similarities. Hope this helps the people who don't know how to read between the lines. SMH

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showtimefolks3894d ago

they deserve worst and its a fact they are worst than EA which most amers consider a bad company

capcom takes the cake eat the cake than buy another one because they don't care if they gain dead weight

Snookies123894d ago

Plus they can afford all the cake they want, since they're sucking people's wallets dry with all their scams *cough* sorry, I mean DLC. I can just imagine the top men at the company in a giant meeting room laughing and eating cake while throwing money into the air lol.

killerhog3894d ago

Don't matter, Capcom doesn't seem to be phased by it, they're over at LA having parties with nas, other celebs promoting resident evil.

ZombieKiller3894d ago

GOOD! Serves them right for trying to "Capture the Call of Duty crowd"

By doing this and changing things to gain sales they are forgetting their roots. Just like Devil May Crap. I feel like every time they do this they are telling us "you guys aren't popular enough, I'm gonna go play with the cool kids now"

Stick to your roots, make a game that comes from the heart, and we will give you our money. Gamers aren't retarded.

3894d ago
tordavis3894d ago

Metacritic does not count.

ZombieKiller3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

@ Admiral

I said nothing about the game playing like COD. But they stated that they tried to capture the Call Of Duty crowd with this game and it shows.

Look at SoldtoChrist's comment! Right there, he even says that he was a longtime fan and disappointed. then 65 agrees! Yes, Jesus just face palmed Capcom

A lot of the survival horror elements seem to be replaced by action elements. A tank chasing you through a mansion, Chris getting into the Harrier. Stuff like that. Zombie games and horror games have a great sense of dread when there is no backup or no Calvary.
This is more of an action title, not a Resident Evil game.

@ Canniban -You state exactly what I mean

calibann3894d ago

''Capcom's third person shooter''.

How did Resident Evil become a third person shooter?

It's actually pretty sad how developers felt compelled to 'evolve' the series into this mainstream clusterfuck of sub-genres.

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TrevorPhillips3895d ago

As a huge RE fan, I am really disappointed!

Relientk773895d ago

^ See even Jesus is upset with Capcom

antz11043895d ago

I just got reprimanded for laughing my ass off for this at work. Bubbles to you my friend.

nintendojunkie283894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

LMFAO!!...Oh my Go...d...uhhmm....I mean..Oh my GOSH,that's hilarious!

GamerElite3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Crapcom shall now face the wrath of Christ for this unholy abomination.

3dawg3895d ago

u still owe me a copy. lol

princejb1343895d ago

all i could say is f*ck capcom and f*ck resident evil

they have destroyed one of my favorite franchise

started with resident evil 5, then all them other fillers in between now, resident evil 6 sucks

3894d ago
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RmanX10003895d ago

I hated the demo. I saw this comin from a mile away. Still think RE4 is the best.

TrevorPhillips3895d ago

I agree brother along with the old ones :(

Relientk773895d ago

After playing the demo, I deleted it. It wasn't good by any means

ritsuka6663895d ago

I agree both you, i'm a hardcore RE Fan by the way, i even think Resident 5 was way better game LOL, this game is very dissapointing. URGH!!

-MD-3895d ago

Most hardcore RE fans hated RE5.

It's arguably the worst game in the series next to 6.

Remake, 2 and 4 being the most praised.

Irishguy953895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I didn't hate RE5, but I did think it was mediocre. I guess I just am not affected by a series changing. Although it is one of my fav series...since I was a kid...

Oh...does Chris fight any boulders in this one?

tigertron3895d ago

"Oh...does Chris fight any boulders in this one"

No, but he flies jets and drives cars.

OhMyGandhi3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )


That's like saying "I like Dynasty Warriors: Gundam more than Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2".

lastdual3895d ago

RE5 at least had fewer QTEs and cutscenes, plus no broken cover system or annoying pill popping to recover each unit of health.

Honestly, RE5 is a better game than RE6 in almost every respect.

Whitefox7893894d ago

To be fair, Chris did pilot a jet in RE Code Veronica since his background says he was an airforce pilot.

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Chuk53895d ago

I didn't enjoy my time with RE6 but metacritic user scores are a total joke. I don't know why that site even has them. It's just a bunch of knee-jerking, man babies crying. I think they should really just get rid of it.

But RE6 man, what happened capcom? You were supposed to make up for raccoon city. Seriously big-name japanese gaming is largely in the toilet. It's companies like platinum, atlus, from software, (and nintendo) that are even keeping the spirit alive there. The likes of ninja gaiden, RE, and countless others have lost their way.

aLucidMind3895d ago

I think they should keep them, but have someone delete the idiotic and unreasonable ratings. A clearly well thought out comment as to why they rated it a 4, 5, or 6 should be kept. Any that are doing what they did with Mass Effect 3, going "ME3- Rated a 0 because of "GAYS!" or well thought-out comments labeling it a 0 altogether should be deleted.

OhMyGandhi3895d ago

An all new sitcom coming to Comedy Central:
"Man Babies"

Pillville3895d ago

calls user reviews "a bunch of knee-jerking, man babies crying"

and then gives a user review saying
"big-name japanese gaming is largely in the toilet"


Rainstorm813894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Really? A comment on an article now constitutes as a User review?

And i agree japanese gaming is at its lowest point, most japanese Games that were great have gone the way of FF or RE

Summons753895d ago

user score on Metacritic is like 99% trolls, and the review side MC dosen't sure every review they pick and choose which ones they want to use. It's never been a reliable site.

I_LOVE_MYSELF3895d ago

I agree that the user section is full of fail and that MC isn't the most reliable site. The only reason I say this is not because of the idea of the site, but the individual sites that contribute to the overall score.

The way I do it is stick to my main 3 sites, a handful of back ups and basically ignore the rest. It has never let me down.

Oldman1003894d ago

N4G > Metacritic

Out of 127 reviews, RE 6 is sitting at an average of 7.4.