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GribbleGrunger3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Everybody's arcade is NOT free. You get to play one of the games as a trial version for 10 minutes. The games each cost around £2.50 each in this selection. I've got to say what a stupid move this is from Sony. £2.50? Christ, don't they realise how much more money they would make if they'd released them for £1.00 each? Sometimes, Sony... just sometimes.

Overall, a nice selection of games to begin with though. I just thought that Sony would want to kick this off with a great value packed game of their own. Klondike for £2.50... come now.

But don't let my little gripe put you off. Many Vita owners over at Neogaf are whooping with joy at this very moment.

sinncross3222d ago

Yeah that probably should have been cheaper for the minigames in Everybody's arcade.

anyways, good that this has finally launched.

ABizzel13222d ago

PSMobile needs apps. PSminis are cool, but vital apps would be better.

Muffins12233221d ago

First of all,they give some of the money to the developer and a few taxes add to 1 dollar for sony and 1 dollar for super crate box..

jujubee883222d ago

I am loading up my wallet with 5 bucks and going crazy tommorow morning!

(It's to late in states atm ... and there are scary hobo's all over the corner streets.)

3222d ago
TemplarDante3222d ago

Is this just for the U.S? I was hoping for a simultaneous global rollout :(

sinncross3222d ago

Well we will only know when EU store is updated tomorrow.

Either way, probably best that they finally got this launched somewhere at least. Its taken longer than I thought it would.

Shazz3222d ago

its live in uk too , its just a section in the store next to video

Sithlord-Gamble3222d ago

Whats the difference between this and PS Minis?
(Serious question, bc i dont know ... ive never played the minis)

MySwordIsHeavenly3222d ago

Honestly, I don't know...

A couple of these actually ARE minis. :/

Minis do, however, run on their own emulator, I believe. That's what it seems like when I boot them up on the PS3 and/or Vita. (Sort of like PS1 games)

These probably have full touch and gyro functionalities, unlike the minis.

Burning_Finger3222d ago

It's for compatible mobile device like androids. It lets you download the apps and play Playstation mini like games,

Sithlord-Gamble3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Thx guys. I appreciate it.
I bubble + both of u.

jujubee883222d ago

Mini's also tend to average out around $4.99 and these cost about a fraction of that with the current lowest game being 49 cents.

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The story is too old to be commented.