Dishonored release date broken

Xbigy Games Writes: One lucky man (or woman) has managed to snag themselves a copy of Arkane Studios Dishonored today. In fact, it looks like a whole bunch of people may have been able to pick up the game early in their local supermarket.

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Shadonic3898d ago

i remember i got SSx early at a target near me time to stop by there again :D

TheHomerPimpson3897d ago

Rest assured that employee who put SSX out early was promptly fired. Companies that break street dates can easily be sued by the publisher/production companies of movies and games. Used to work new releases for an electronics store, and I would always Google the street date on my phone and NEVER only rely on the company's computer inventory system.

Locksus3898d ago

Aww, and I was supposed to be the one to get it early!

Ducky3898d ago

If it's a PC version like in the pic, buying it early does nothing because it uses steamworks, and steam won't allow you to play until the actual release date.

CBaoth3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

The only PC games I want bad enough to purchase day 1 and they both release the same day. Part of me wants to play anything Viktor Antonov makes/contributes to and the other half wants to play a reboot of one of my all-time favorites. I'll do both but man there are only so many hours in a day

Nyromith3898d ago

Cursed steamcancer! Now even if you buy a physical disc you can't have a game without this damn steam encryption and files missing.

surgency3898d ago

Someone could crack it and leak it online.

digitalkid3898d ago

Oh Cmon, start selling it already!
Why they always wait for exact date? Even if boxes are already in stores.

r213898d ago

Nice :) Hope the early buyers enjoy the game!

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