How to unlock Christie, Lisa and Tina rare swimsuit costumes in Dead or Alive 5

Find out how to unlock the “rare” swimsuit costumes for Christie, Lisa and Tina in the recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game, Dead or Alive 5.

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DivineAssault 3216d ago

whyd they have to throw in that BS w/o continuing? The game is hard as it is on champ difficulty!

Gen0ne3216d ago

Yeah, that is kinda bs.

ZoyosJD3216d ago

Who cares enough for just the costumes?/Internet FTW!

DivineAssault 3216d ago

hey, i want all the costumes but it isnt worth the stress involved just for that.. I have.. U die, u start all over & in this game like many others, if the AI doesnt want u 2 win, your NOT going to win.. Its programmed to counter n block whatever input u [ress

amaguli3216d ago

It's to see how badly you want those swimsuits.

Lucretia3216d ago

it does suck that its so hard to unlock. I know there are certain moves that you can do that the ai cant beat, but its still annoying. even on normal the game isn't easy.

on legend.....thats insane

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CrescentFang3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I already got Tina's and Christie's... but getting Lisa's is just plain torture. I need to go through 100 rounds of Champ, True Fighter, Master AND Legend to get it. And I thought getting Alpha-152 would make it alot easier... I only made it to 58 on Champ...

XeNoStRatoS3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

It sucks that the only useful Bikini costume for Hitomi is exclusive to the f´ing collectors edition... What is this f-ugly harlequin costume good for?