Midnight NBA 2K13 Launch Draws Massive Crowds

After walking by the line of at least 50 people, the large amount of basketball caps and cargo pants made apparent it wasn't the mediocrity of the latest survival horror (er, action) game drawing them in; it was NBA 2K13.

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Emilio_Estevez3222d ago

Good to see. NBA2K has really stepped up the past few years, especially considering there was no Live/Elite. I've frequently told people 2k12 was the best basketball game to date, haven't tried 13 yet though.

nevin13222d ago

The demo been out for a week.

anyway, I attended the one at my local Gamestop(I didnt buy it) and it was more crowded than the Madden 13 one a few months earlier. Its also amazing how strangers can get along with each other on events like this.

NBT913222d ago

Not surprised, seriously unless you spend a good bit of time with this series you will never be able to appreciate just how good it actually is. Its not like your normal "casual sports game" they really have mastered the sports genre, I mean they made EA scrap Live 13. You know you are doing something right when EA dont even want to attempt to compete.

Cant bloody wait until Friday (UK launch)