The PlayStation Store On Vita Now Has Screenshots (For Select Games)

Sony has finally embedded screenshots for select games and demos on the PlayStation Store for Vita.

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portal_23217d ago

It did anyway, at least in UK/Europe?

-Mika-3217d ago

Ya but the american store never did. So this is really good news.

bub163217d ago

you mean us i the EU got something before USA?!!! OMG

KUV19773216d ago

Now if only they could also show us how large the games are as the US-Store does or even which languages are included in the download. It took me almost a week to find out if LBP was also in English in the download version. But since Unit 13 was completely without English and started in French when the system was in English I never buy games blind. Sony could really improve their sales if they would actually put in a decent description. Funnier to, the description for LBP said 'buy it now or download the demo' only there was no demo to be found anywhere.

Even though I'm bitching about the store I'm pretty happy with my VITA and am really looking forward to AC:Liberation.

crxss3216d ago

americans don't like the vita as much as others, therefore Sony prioritizes accordingly.

Relientk773217d ago

This helps for games you've never played, get to see a little more of what its all about, before purchasing or not

Nakiro3216d ago

I think this was mostly there before but it wasn't used that much..

ForRealz173216d ago

A greatly needed feature. They need screen shots for everything.

Cam9773216d ago

Small but helpful addition.

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