Xbox Live's presidential-debate promotion is honorable but weak

Microsoft’s presidential-debate-watching incentive might get players invested, but whether it’ll get them to become politically active is questionable at best.

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mochachino3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

MS requires 25000 points to get a laughable 2% off.

PSN+ gives at least 40% off almost everything and gives a substantial amount of content away totally free.

Games, Microsoft, gamers was games. Next-gen will be very interesting, not sure if MS's excessively greedy practices will continue working. It's pathetic that the worlds 3rd richest tech company is so blatantly cheap. No wonder PS3 has been outselling it monthly worldwide for a while now.

Google surpassed MS and is on the way to take a bite out of Apple, know why, they're really good at giving away quality things free while still making money.

robavila953222d ago

Say what you want about MS, but this is really a good action. There may be cases (like Halo 4) where people won't get involved in politics or won't even vote because they wanna play games.

As much as games are fun, one must not forget to help a little for a nation's future.