First Forza 2 gameplay footage

Not the best video quality but it's something. Look at the amazing reflections and damage effect.

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badkolo5912d ago

Doesnt look impressive at all, very bland but ill wait to judge it

shotty5912d ago

The second video looks nice, finally I can wreak high end cars without getting in trouble. The damage looks great aswell, no more just changing the paint job to make it look damaged.

TR0N5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

never post videos as annoying as those again. jeez, that stupid little kid cant play. the whole time i was yelling at the screen. but no seriously the game is not looking as good as the demo they showed yesterday, they better do something to improve it

FordGTGuy5912d ago

I totally agree with you.

malachi235912d ago

You cannot judge a game on leaked,low ass resolution videos.

Judge the game on how it should be viewed in HD VIDEOS.

This site has dissapointed me they would show such bad videos of a game.Going to vote lame for this...shame on you

sparco5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

How can you be disappointed with that?! Some people expect too much. The game isnt even finished yet and to me it already looks pretty much like PGR3 when i first saw it. Cant wait to see it in final form.

Donkey Slayer5912d ago

I hope it's just the video and not how the game looks on a decent video

MoonDust5912d ago

that's what you get when you use a camera phone.

kmis875912d ago

No, Joystiq also said the game had terrible framerate issues in its current build, but it is also known that it is only 60% complete.

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