Steam has released the first batch of software

Finally, just about 1 month late, Steam has finally released it's first link of software. The first batch adds for example the 3D modelling software 3D Coat, the video game maker Game Maker Studio and a couple of more. But it ain't cheap!

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Cajun Chicken3178d ago

Will patiently wait until Toonboom. And then wait until software sales, lol.

Just wondering, I wonder if Steam'll have Fresher's Week deals or something? They've got to do some kind of crazy deals, that's how Steam's monopoly works.

Skynetone3178d ago

Im really digging big picture mode, my pc is know a console

one problem, id like to start steam in big picture mode, but its still in beta so im sure things will be fixed

Ducky3178d ago

I hope they enable local 2-player on their games in big picture mode as well.

3178d ago
Chrono3178d ago

A graphics benchmark tool for $18? Never realized that people care about graphics this much.