Let's Take a Moment and Watch the Original Resident Evil Intro

4Player-"Sure, there's a lot of people -and I mean a lot of people- saying that the Resident Evil series is now dead and done for. Still others are hoping that the negative backlash of Resident Evil 6 is a wake-up call for Capcom to bring the series back to its roots. I think in times like this the most important thing we can have is a sense of perspective."

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guitarded773224d ago

I started replaying this on my Vita yesterday. It's amazing how far storytelling in games has come since the beginning of gaming. RE is such a great game, but it certainly has a cheese factor in retrospect. But when it was new, it was amazing and awesome. The game itself still plays well on the Vita too. I put it to widescreen and analog controls and it's a great nostalgic trip.

jambola3224d ago

i don't know if it was just the demo or if it's in the game too but
in resident evil 6 demo something was missing right at the beginning
there was no deep voice to say "resident evil"

saf1007923224d ago

Its like that in the game too.. Totally threw me for a loop

KiRBY30003224d ago

in my opinion, this kind of small detail actually tells a lot about the game. :/

Adexus3224d ago

It says it after the intro to the game, I was worried it wasn't there at all but thankfully it is.

jambola3224d ago

oh good
i know it's a small thing but whatever, it's like tradition at this point.

Old McGroin3224d ago

That was the first thing I noticed as well!

LightofDarkness3224d ago

Perfect, I just started REmake for the GC. Even with the shoddy VA, the intro seems scarier than the REmake's version. I guess they just show too much of the monsters that are chasing you in the newer scene.

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The story is too old to be commented.