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gamrReview: "Realistically, there isn't really enough in the way of improvement or refinement to justify this as a new addition to the series from a multiplayer perspective; there is barely evolution here, let alone revolution. Yet, this may be a welcome relief to fans who have grown to love the signature multiplayer experience and who simply want more of the same. Judging by the fleeting glimpse offered at the heaving Eurogamer stand, this is exactly what they will be getting."

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wwm0nkey3225d ago

Plays like Halo? All I needed to hear.

RXL3225d ago

Certain people won't understand why other people love halo just like certain people don't understand why other people still buy iphones..

lastdual3225d ago

You can tell this guy has probably never put much time into previous Halo games if he thinks nothing has changed.

Yes, Halo 4 still feels like a Halo game, but there's a ton here to set this entry apart. The multiplayer already looks vastly improved from Reach.

StreetsofRage3225d ago

Very true. This is a common complaint from people that don't know anything about Halo. The core gameplay is the same but their are numerous changes and tweaks with every version.

Grimhammer003225d ago

Please , continue. Tell me the specific things that you see as improvements? Hell, I'll even accept any changes....good or bad.

Graphics look shinier....umm, low gravity bunny jumping on every planet still in effect. ....

Dms20123225d ago

So you pretty much just wanted to pop in and state that you don't like Halo, is that accurate?

Dread3225d ago

bunny hop back to your cave dude.

Dont buy the game and let the rest of us enjoy it.

Munky3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Pretty obvious has no clue what he is talking about. Improved graphics, physics tweaks, load outs, infinity, mechs, new weapons, the removal of elites in multiplayer, flood mode, spartan ops... Yeah, not much has changed...

So either the guy is a complete knob, or this is a obvious attempt at trying to get more hits on his site. Either way this article is a joke.

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