Nintendo’s going digital, but it might not catch on

Nintendo is actively incentivizing customers to go digital with extra Club Nintendo coins and, most recently, a free download for Donkey Kong: Original Version.

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acronkyoung3227d ago

I'm actually getting tired of digital. I feel like I don't actually own any of my games anymore, especially after all that stink about Steam's new user agreement.

Benjamminkno3226d ago

It doesn't matter what "incentives" we get for going digital, we still want to trade our games for newer ones. Lower your prices 20 bucks and I'll think about it. But if my WiiU craps out in 5 years, I can still have my games without having to fix the console, right?!?!

AlucardFury3226d ago

This is something I'm worried about myself seeing as they haven't said anything about an account to which your purchases are tied to.

Megaton3226d ago

Hard to say they're going digital when they're about to release a console without a hard drive.

mike1up3226d ago


It would be impossible to go digital with an external hard drive. It's a good thing that my PC is magical, so it's never hard that problem.

Let's all keep our finger crossed for an overpriced, proprietary POS. Maybe if we are really lucky Megaton, we will get the chance to pay for space that we will never use.

mike1up3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

"so it's never hard that problem."

...And they say that sarcasm is easy. If I would have just made my point, I probably wouldn't have typoed.

*raises, and shakes, fist at the sky*

Damn you funny genes!

morkendo233226d ago

if nintendo go DIGITAL that be sad day for ALL gamers.

tweet753226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

i have no interest in downloading large file size retail games unless a large hard drive is in the system sd cards just dont cut it, fill up too fast with large retail games. Nintendo virtual console classic games were fine for download because of there sizes. Modern games not so much with sd cards

Neonridr3226d ago

so plug in an external Hard Drive. You can get a 1TB hard drive for under $100 bucks. You would have rather they put in a 250 GB hard drive and charged $100 bucks more?

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