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gametaroo! writes:

With the Wii U - Nintendo’s latest home console proposition - the gaming giant’s marketing department may well have its work cut out; the big USP of ‘Asynchronous Gameplay’ is a phrase that hardly rolls off the tongue and a concept that will leave many slightly befuddled as to what it actually means or, indeed, what benefits it has to offer. The motion-control focus of the original Wii was an easy sell - you want to play a tennis game? Well, just pretend you’re holding a racquet and swing away! Bowling? Ditto. Firing a gun? Just point and shoot. ‘Asynchronous gameplay’s message, on the other hand, goes something like this: You can do this while another player does that. It’s hardly a sexy premise, but one that crystallises surprisingly quickly when you actually get to experience it first hand.

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