Why PlayStation Mobile Could Be The Killer Feature For Vita

One Hit Pixel: "A look at why dirt-cheap PlayStation Mobile games could be just what the Vita needs."

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LOGICWINS3222d ago

If your spending $250 on a gaming aren't cheap. So I don't see how cheap games would be an incentive to purchase Vita. If saving money were that big of an issue, you wouldn't have a Vita in the first place.

DivineAssault 3222d ago

Hey man, vita isnt expensive, the memory is.. That little handheld is definitely worth every cent of the $250 & then some... Having the option to play phone games on it is just a perk cuz some ppl like those games.. Its got a huge variety of choices for games brother.. PSN, PSP, PS1, PS minis, PS Mobile soon, & of course PS vita games.. I agree that its not a huge incentive to go out & buy one just for this but when u add it up, its a major incentive.. Especially since the software is picking up now..

LOGICWINS3222d ago

Well, "expensive" is relative to the person. Joe casual wouldn't pay $250 for a Vita. If that were the case, the Vita would be flying off shelves...not struggling to find a decent sized install base.

For a person who understands the tech behind Vita however, $250 might seem like a bargain...even a steal.

zebramocha3222d ago

@logic skype allows the vita to make phone calls,that can be beneficial if don't have a phone,I might be wrong but I believe the iPod and 3ds can't do that.

doogiebear3221d ago

@ Zebra: If u bought a Vita before buying a cell phone, than u got bigger problems. Like no life.

Raoh3221d ago

Hey man, vita isnt expensive, the memory is..

I have to agree. I want a 32gb card but I refuse to pay even $80 for it. The new format I think is what hurt the vita the most.

When plus is official for vita it may help but i'll stick with my 8gb card for now until the prices drop more.

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DivineAssault 3222d ago

This handheld isnt really designed for casual gamers tho it does provide them with options.. I see your point however if u think about it, 3DS is $170 & $200 for the XL.. The price difference isnt major but storage is.. The price will drop on it in 2013 for those who see it as too expensive.. By how much remains to be seen.. The way i see it, this little machine can do things even the PS3 cannot do (cross game chat).. I see more incoming 3rd party games on this than 3DS as well.. Thats just me tho.. Its a great machine & very under appreciated.. 3DS is cool too but i havent even used it in a very long time & doesnt do 1/4 of what this does.. Popularity & sales dont determine what i like as a gamer.. Games do & this is definitely providing.. If u like core games on the go, vita has em..

AWBrawler3222d ago

@Zebra I've been making skype and google calls from my ipod for almost a year now, and I ca Text from my 3DS! look up you facts first

Wolfbiker3221d ago

He clearly said he might be wrong.

Christopher3222d ago

Going to have to go with LOGIC on this one. Cellphones serve a much wider purpose than a gaming console. Sure, you can go and make that whole "It's got Skype" case again, but I'm betting a heck of a lot more people have a phone number than have Skype, let alone a device with Skype on hand at most times of the day.

This is going to be a good bonus for Vita owners, but I highly doubt it's going to be a killer feature. Vita needs a lot more exclusive games (third-party support, honestly needed) and much cheaper memory cards. It wouldn't hurt to see it drop down to $199 as well.

Knight_Crawler3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Mods give this man a well said.

I never understood that with Sony, they make top of the line sexy products jammed packed with the latest tech but when they release the product they have to sell them at an expensive price and sometimes at a loss and a year later they make a cheaper model...why not just make a cheaper model to begain with or make an expensive model and a cheaper one so people have choice.

The PS3 slim (not the super slim)is what Sonys launched PS3 should have been and sold at US$450 instead of $600 or for Sony ahould have offerd both for those who can afford $600.

Mark my words Sony will not drop the price for the Vita but first quarter next year they will annouce a a new model Vita that will sell at a cheaper price.

Edit: I know some of you may say that Sony can not release a cheaper model becuase the tech is new and new tech is expensive but this is only telling me that Sony is either rushing R&D and they are way behind in technology compared to the other companies who cam make products just as good as Sonys and sell them at a cheaper price and still make a profit.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

@ night crawler

Sony releases expensive products because they are bleeding edge, not because "they are way behind in technology compared to the other companies who cam make products just as good as Sonys and sell them at a cheaper price and still make a profit."

What other handheld has the technology that even comes close to VITA at this time? None.

You get what you pay for. Thats all it is. PC's are more expensive than consoles for the same reason... they are bleeding edge and provide the best technology that is available on the market. Its not because pc part manufacturer's cant make cheap parts... its because they are way more powerful and advanced with every iteration.

What amazes me is that console gamers want their next gen consoles or hand helds to be cheap. I think you guys are nuts for that. You should WANT the next xbox or ps3 to be $500 or $600. Why? Because once your console is released its not getting an upgrade. EVER. for the next 10 years you will be playing on this machine. Do you really think this is the time to cheap out?

I for one hope sony prices PS4 at 500$ at least. I want it to be a really powerful machine.

If price is such a problem for some of you that you cant even afford 500 dollars over a period of 7-10 years... then why not by a gameboy classic for 5$ on ebay and call it a night? You can tell all your friends what a bargain you got. Who cares if everyone around you is playing games that look 3 generations ahead...

Wolfbiker3221d ago

Dude the Vita is well worth $250....go try and buy a Galaxy SIII without a contract and tell me that's reasonable.

Christopher3220d ago

***Dude the Vita is well worth $250....go try and buy a Galaxy SIII without a contract and tell me that's reasonable.***

It may be well worth it, but the audience for devoted handheld games aren't going to pay what they do for a cellphone. Even then, many people don't pay more than $300 for a cellphone as most don't buy them out of contract.

$199 would be a great price point for the device this Holiday Season, IMHO. Over $200 seems to be a barrier for technology devices of this sort, but once they get below them they tend to do much better.

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profgerbik3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I am cheap. Took me forever to finally buy one and when I did, I honestly didn't buy a single game for it for a couple months. Simply because I could not afford them.

Honestly has nothing to do with the Vita's price, it's well worth the money. I just cannot keep up with the prices of games these days, plus I want to play so many at one time.

It is a great incentive for all those phone whores, who think mobile gaming is the only gaming. I personally would rather play mobile games on my Vita also but don't get it twisted.

You can read below to see how I honestly feel about mobile games in general. I really don't care for them or the whole concept as a whole. That is just me but even with what little business experience I have, I know that grabbing ahold of that market is a very smart decision.

Like I said before sadly, a huge majority of people only care about phones now. It is just a trend that I don't see fading anytime soon nor do I understand but it exists and people love their flash games now all the sudden again..


tiffac0083221d ago

Bro you know the price of the Vita will go down, probably as early as next year. Its the nature of the console business. So this talk of the price point on the device is really only temporary.

Like DA said the memory card is really expensive. At least the smallest available one should come free with every Vita purchase.

edgeofsins3219d ago

The irony of your name. The Vita has graphics almost as good as the PS3 but in a much smaller and portable form. It has more RAM then the PS3, a 5 inch OLED touchscreen, a back touch panel, a battery(these batteries aren't cheap), and more. If you basically had a fully portable PS3 with even more big hardware features how the hell can you think it isn't worth $250, the same price as the PS3. For the near power of a PS3 along with the other costly features this handheld provides $250 is cheap as hell for this device when it launched at that price.

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josephayal3222d ago

The PlayStation Vita is beautiful and Powerful device, It just needs more software and Apps

andibandit3221d ago

i'd problably throw some marketing in there too.

DigitalRaptor3222d ago

PlayStation Mobile isn't really that much of a killer feature for Vita, cause they're bringing the service to Android, so millions of phone and tablet users will buy it for their Android device rather than buy a Vita to play those games.

I'm not supporting that notion, but it's relevant to point out.

jujubee883222d ago

I saw that point a year ago. And, you know what? If it is a good thing, why complain?

(That's my philosophy on love as well.)

Soldierone3221d ago

That isn't a bad thing since all purchases are cross compatible. So at the end of the day you preferred a phone to buy all the apps, well guess what? Come buy a Vita and get all those apps for free on it, plus play better games and get better features.

It's kinda like Sony's "game library" from PS Plus, a bunch of games to get you going on day one.

nevin13222d ago

Now people are praising mobile games since its comming to Vita?

I thought you people hate mobile games?

jujubee883222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

... I should report you for racismsisms.

This is not just mobile games. I mean, have you actually played the games? Heck, even I haven't.


mobile games = no buttons integrated ever

PSM + VITA = buttons forever (varying on developer and game)

And, again, let's not just paint this in broad strokes. This is going to be an ENTIRE cross-platform, cross-device initiative by Playstation.

Everyone should be rooting for this thing to succeed and buy these games.

edit: @nevin1 ... why are you Pm'ing me? Use your bubs. You have tons of them!

nevin13222d ago

I figure you wouldnt come back to this page and the fact you only have 3 bubbles.

Or am I missing something?

AWBrawler3222d ago Show
Hicken3221d ago

... so if Sony does nothing to boost the appeal of the Vita, they've abandoned it, but if they DO decide to make an attempt at tapping into the casual market "you people" keep saying it needs to capture, suddenly it's hypocritical?

What do you want them to do, then?

Besides, don't act like we didn't all know exactly what Mobil was before it launched. Have you been making this complaint the entire time, or did you decide to voice your opinion only now that the service has actually launched?

MaxXAttaxX3221d ago

People used cheap $1 to argue against the PS Vita. And now that it has them, they say it's no good.
People seem to complain no matter what.

Also, touch-only games suck. Unless they're $1.
That's why Sony and Nintendo's handhelds are better suited for more core games. True controls.

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