Team Ninja Interview

IGN uncovers some details on the latest Ninja Gaiden with an interview from Team Ninja.

UrbanJabroni6414d ago

"IGN: What is Team Ninja's strategy with this series? Is it now going to live on PS3?

Our goal with Ninja Gaiden Sigma is that we have what we feel is one of the best action games ever made and we want to bring it to as many people as possible. We don't consider anything to be the definitive version of Ninja Gaiden. We want to have the best action game in the world at the time of its release. Itagaki-san blazed a trail with Ninja Gaiden and now we're broadening that trail by bringing the game to PS3."

Short answer, no, long answer no.

specialguest6414d ago (Edited 6414d ago )

why do you guys like to come here and take a defensive position and spoil the positive PS3 article anyway? what is this insecurity i sense?

on another note, i've been noticing that the PS3 so far, has been getting the better and improved versions of a 360 game like: Fight Night Round 3, Ninja Gaiden, and Oblivion, & Full Auto 2. it's kinda like the 360 is a platform for their prototype version, but meh...

zypher6414d ago

i'm not sure how you came to that conclusion after reading such a vague statement. this isn't like Square with FFXI on 360: Team Ninja realizes that they can make more money in all territories if they make Ninja Gaiden multi-platform while not being crippled by an inferior system, which they viewed the PS2 to be.

furthermore, Team Ninja has a long history of developing primarily for the most powerful system. the first DOA was a Saturn exclusive that got ported to the PSOne. DOA 2 was a Dreamcast exclusive (which was the most powerful system at the time), until the PS2 came out, to which it was ported. both DOA 3 and Ninja Gaiden were originally being developed for the PS2, until Microsoft announced the superior XBox, in which case both games switched to that console. thence the series' stayed thither, despite the XBox's horrible Japanese sales, simply because it offered Team Ninja more power. they have already expressed a) disappointment in Microsoft for sticking with standard DVD's, b) approval of Sony for chosing next-gen DVD's, and c) interest in developing for the PS3 (hence Ninja Gaiden Sigma). its probable that the sequel to Ninja Gaiden will be on the 360, no more or less probable than it would also be multi-platform. however, given Team Ninja's past, it would not surprise me to see Ninja Gaiden go PS3 only.

UrbanJabroni6414d ago

I think you are both correct. I really was just getting fed up with what I viewed to be a trend towards rather poor game journalism by the "major players." It seems to me that they are really the ones fueling the fire and I made a stupid comment.

That said,

The article gave NO conclusion whatsoever regarding future consoles.

I think the game is actually great news for the PS3. I for one love the game and am looking forward to it.

So I'm sorry for my round of "bashing." I'm just a tad fed up with coming to this site and reading the same crap arguments for and against the systems over and over and over...it came across in a post where I acted no better than the bashers.

Re: the comment "it's kinda like the 360 is a platform for their prototype version", I would have to say that this is simply due to the fact that the 360 came out first and they are trying to maximize profits on these games (and of course improve them with additional time). I don't think it is necessarily a sign that the system is for prototypes going forward.

That said, I would LOVE IT if ALL games moving forward were multiplatform so we could stop the bickering. On the plus side, this does seem to be the trend for most major 3rd party studios. Then it would simply come down to a preference of BluRay vs HDDVD (or none)...which would probably be much more civil. :)

You all called me out, and that was deserved.

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eques judicii6414d ago

I got the feeling from this article that they are disrupting a lot of the things that itagaki put into ninja gaiden... lessening the difficulty, duel wielding, playing rachel... it just seems to not be quite the same, but it will have to be seen when it comes out... i'm also not so sure about baddies on motorcycles...


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shinoff21831d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

It's not the ideal situation but Sony does offer them on ps plus. I to would just like a big ass compilation on doscto though

purple10121h ago

Insomniac roadmap leaked a while ago and they are making another, they’re doing the best they can and these games, especially the last two, are master pieces