Tighter controls on video games

Aislinn Simpson from The Daily Telegraph outlines plans from the Prime Minister to toughen up the rating system for video games. She writes:

"At present, only about 10 per cent of computer games - those featuring "gross" violence or offensive sexual images - are covered by the age classification system. Some games, such as Manhunt 2, have been banned altogether because of their disturbing nature".

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SilPho5044d ago

I have to say that the picture that came with the article doesn't make a whole lot of sense. They appear to have a PS1, a PS2 controller, 2 PSP's and the TV is behind them...

Perhaps that puts the article in to perspective, they don't seem to have a clue what they are talking about. I mean aren't all games subject to age controls regardless of content? Not just the worst 10%