Assassin's Creed Update

10,000 plus.

That's how many character animations are loaded into Assassin's Creed, 700 of them alone contextual. To put things into perspective, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, developed by the same crack team at Ubisoft Montreal, features 500 character animations. And Prince remains to this day one of the finest animated games on the market. Get the picture?

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UrbanJabroni5915d ago

This was an article covering the game at, I don't know, maybe you want to include this in the 360 section as well? Maybe?

Also, this was expeceted but interesting:

"While the PlayStation 3 and 360 versions of Assassin's Creed are virtually identical, Raymond did say that on the 360 the team is putting a special emphasis on achievements. The hardware also allows for improved threading, which will improve even further the crowd AI."

D3acon5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

That last statement bothered me, why would they put special emphasis on achievements soley on the 360? I would like someone to explain improved threading and AI, which should be at least equaly possible on the Ps3.

zypher5915d ago

yeah, it should've been marked as 360 news too. but so what? if you scan back through the past couple of pages of news, you'll notice that every Assassins Creed article is labled only for the 360.

in any event even though i'm no technical whiz and thus could say what threading is, its kinda hard for me to buy that superior threading notion from Ubisoft. i know that developing for the PS3's supposed to be a pain...which could explain why they feel the 360 has improved threading (they just haven't figured out how to achieve it properly on the PS3). to D3acon: like i said, i'm not sure what threading is, but AI is artificial intelligence.

sparco5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

They've been labelled 360 probably cos they are related to X06; as gameplay was shown there for the first time. So they are probably more related to 360 news than ps3.

UrbanJabroni5915d ago

Threading is, in simple terms, when you break apart chunks of code so that they can be run "simultaneously" on the same processor, improving the theoretical performance and efficiency of certain types of code.

That said, I don't think the last statement necessarily referred to the 360, but to both next-gen colsoles.

I think what they meant was. The 360 version is focusing on achievments, as we have yet to recieve information from Sony on this aspect, but we are focusing on improving the threading for both systems.

No need to panic, they said the games will look identical and I in no way doubt this. At the end of the day, each machine has its own strengths and bottlenecks, but they'll pretty much even out in terms of actual game performance. (Note, please don't pull the stupid argument about Oblivion or whatnot being improved on the PS3...of COURSE it will be improved with the additional development time).

Watapata5915d ago

I hope by "simultaneously" you mean, simultaneously as far as the user is concerned ;)

unleash bass5915d ago

This game is going to be the muts nuts!