PS3 Games to Cost $60; Some Possibly $50

Software for the soon-to-be-launched machine has begun appearing on online shopping sites like and Sony's SonyStyle and almost all the games carry a $60 US price tag.

That's more expensive than many games for the PlayStation 2, which typically carry a price tag of between $20 and $40, with the most popular titles costing $50.

The higher price is likely to come as little surprise to gamers. Many have been expecting to pay more for games for the new console. The PlayStation 3 is much more expensive than those that have gone before it. It will be launched first in Japan on Nov. 11 in two versions, the cheapest of which will cost ¥49,800 ($425). Six years ago, when the PlayStation 2 went on sale, it cost ¥39,800.

Still, the prices could be good news for some. Gaming sites were abuzz with rumors from last weekend's Tokyo Game Show that PlayStation 3 software was going to cost around $100, although no such announcements were made at the show.

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drewdrakes5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

Wait, how is that not expensive? You are saying that they are cheap through comparison. Which is totally voiding the point of being cheap. XBox 360 games are expensive, and through comparison of that these are cheap, I fail to see the logic. Theyre all expensive.

Also I could have told you the prices months ago, Best Buy has had them up since the summer. And they are slightly more then Xbox 360 games.

P.S. For all of those who are going to yell at me saying doesnt have the prices, its that has them. And 75 dollars canadian will probably make your games 65 dollars american.

HaHa5910d ago

when Gear of War will cost 70 €uros where i live? ps3 games will cost the same as ps2 games which is thus cheap. Ps2 60€uros games are selling like mad over here. and that is that ;)

drewdrakes5910d ago

Europeans get screwed over, massively.

TheMART5910d ago

that's bull also. The normal Gears of War version is 59,95 Euro.

The collectors item version is 69,95. You have the choice.

kmis875910d ago

Isn't 60 Euro more than $60? The Europeans do get screwed.

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kingboy5910d ago

cheaper than i expected,so it cheap just like HAHA said given the fact that ps2 tittles still sel for 60 to 63 Euros out here.

Captain Tuttle5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

online? Anybody have a word on anything concrete? Anyone?

kmis875910d ago

The headline should be:
"PS3 games as expensive xbox360 games."

Sexius Maximus5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

I remember buying Phantasy Star 4 AND Shining in the Darkness on Genesis for $80 a piece. Final Fantasy 3/6 for the SNES was $70. These programmers worked their asses off and they deserve to make a living too. If you cant afford $60 for hours and hours worth of entertainment, you must still live with mommy and daddy. Get a job and enjoy what gaming has to offer, and don't whine about paying good money for a good game.

kikilala5910d ago

these guys are complaining about $60, here its gonna cost around RM$240.. yet i have no complain... man people are such whiners..

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The story is too old to be commented.