Dead Rising NOT selling well in japan..

While sales of Capcom's gory zombie-killer Dead Rising have done remarkably well here in the United States, even with a Mature rating from the ESRB, in Japan where the game was recently released, copies of the games are hard to find.

As a result of recent changes to the rating system for videogames used in Japan, sales of Z-rated games - those that can only be sold to persons 18 years old and above - are being strictly enforced. Prior to the changes, ratings were used merely as guidelines to inform purchasers of the intended audience of a game.

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kmis876359d ago

Wow, thats weak. Hopefully all of the restrictive gaming laws in the USA that are analagous to this z-rating law will continue to be struck down. I would hate it if I couldn't buy any M-rated games at any local retailers, although online is always an option.

Islandkiwi6359d ago

I'm okay with ratings on games, and I think this probably qualifies as a game that requires a more mature audience. But storekeepers being afraid to sell it? That I don't get at all.

kmis876359d ago

The problem with their rating system is that the z-rating is now like an ao ESRB rating, and its illegal to sell to minors. If Dead Rising was rated ao in other territories, major retailers wouldn't stock it. Japan really needs to fix its censorship laws.

Boink6359d ago

It's nice to see someone enforcing the law to make sure minors don't get their hands on these games.

I hope they get enforced this well in canada and the US. kids should NOT be able to buy this game at all.

ElementX6359d ago

Japan....... who cares? Capcom is making serious money with the rest of the world.

kmis876359d ago

I'm pretty sure Capcom cares. And I'm pretty sure Microsoft cares a lot more.

Antan6359d ago (Edited 6359d ago )

Silly comment Element.

BIadestarX6359d ago

This is not my type of game. I didn't buy it for the 360. But, this proves that a Japanese company can make a game that does not sell well in Japan, and yet make lots of $$$. 10 years ago this would be bad for any video game publisher, but this is prove that Japan does not equal the video game market.

zypher6359d ago

its good to see the demograph between the US, Europe and Japan markets equaling out. however, just because Japan's no longer the dominate market doesn't mean that they aren't important. i'm quite sure that Capcom would just as soon prefer the $$$$$$ they could get from Dead Rising if it sold just as well in all three territories, than the $$$$ they got from the US and Europe alone.

BIadestarX6358d ago

You are right! I agree 100% Japan it's important. It's alway better to make more money. But unlike before if your game didn't sell in Japan your company was doom. back in the days all games would come out in Japan first then elsewhere. That's not the case anymore. I believe it's less risky for game developers to make games today then before. Today if a game does not well in Japan at least can see the light on another region and still make money. Everyone should be thankful, before we had to cross our fingers that the game would do super well in Japan if we wanted to see it in the states.

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Underpants371d ago

Shame loved the Dead Rising series. Even enjoyed 4 but not sure why they removed the campain co op.

TheColbertinator371d ago

A zombie lover like me will always wait for a new Dead Rising.

hotnickles371d ago

Dead rising 1 was one of my favorite games back in the day. I never got into the others like I did DR1. DR2 was ok but 3 and 4 were kinda lame.

Kakyouin371d ago

Absolutely agree with you 100%. 1 was A MASTERPIECE even though it had several things that were not that good. But still a very solid title. And the ending was EPIC.

hotnickles371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I agree. I’ll never forget grinding the zombies in the parking tunnels to get the mega buster weapon. Its uniqueness will always stand out to me and is high up on my all-times.

MasterChief3624371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

When I got over the rather bland art direction of Dead Rising 3, I actually fell in love with that one. Dead Rising 4 on the other hand.... :(

It's a real shame the Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha DLC isn't available on PC. It was one of the best DLCs I've ever played, it was so fun! But alas... I no longer have my Xbox One :(

hotnickles371d ago

I should give it another try on the newer Xbox controllers. I remember jumping over to the Xbox controller was a big peeve for me. I loved the 360 controller and dead rising was one of my very first games on it. The Xbox one controller felt cheaply and loose and it bugged me. I don’t feel that way with the series x one.

Kakyouin371d ago

Never played 3 or 4 but I read they weren't the same. As for 1 I guess the character played the "path of the hero" so well, no other title could keep it up with. 2 had to have another instance with Frank. And that's what I loved about the first: Frank was a good for nothing and still was the hero. He was not funny, he was not the hero everybody wanted. He was just there "for a good story". And the psychos..... my goodness!! Adam, the snipers, the three prisoners on the garden, the cult! MY GOODNESS!