GamesBeat: Resident Evil 6 thrives on its silliness but stumbles when things get serious (review)

Everything in Resident Evil 6 is bigger, louder, and prettier than its predecessors, but that does not necessarily make it a better game. While it finally embraces the adrenaline-fueled action the series has hinted at for so long, the rest is a schizophrenic mess.

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wita3896d ago

The downsides are certainly odd....

JeffGrubb3896d ago

I'll always have Resident Evil 4.

davidfca3896d ago

Yeah, this sounds pretty much like a Resident Evil game. They have never been much good at taking themselves seriously.

illegalyouth3896d ago

The QTEs are back? Ugh. No thanks.

NagaSotuva3896d ago

But Famitsu gave it 39/40. Maybe Japan loves silliness.

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