How Nintendo Helps People Through Tough Times

There is a lot of Nintendo hate lately, and sometimes it's even hard to understand why people hate so much one of the most traditional companies in the industry, or why it became so 'cool' to hate the company. An article made by the Website NotEnoughShaders is showing some people who have a lot of great memories to share about Nintendo, and the question remains: Is it really acceptable to hate Nintendo? Actually, is it acceptable to hate any of the big 3 manufacturers?

Here is a portion of the article:
“The Nintendo DS gave me my life back. It helped me to talk again because some of my games I have to interact with in order for them to work. I have to give instructions verbally and if I don’t say things correctly it doesn’t understand.”

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MaxXAttaxX3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

People need to stop saying that "x is cool to hate now" just because others opinions differ from yours or the norm.

People don't hate Nintendo. But a lot of them are critical about their more recent trends and sometimes understandably so.
It's all subjective.

What's a non-issue to you may be an issue to others, but you can't just ignore the subject and right it off as nothing but hate.

Hisiru3892d ago

We all have issues/complaints with all the 3 companies, all 3 have some kind of problem, but it's not "hate". This article, obviously, isn't talking about people like you, but people like Pyro2000x (on youtube) or people like Hatsume Miku, who is always posting "Nintendo is a piece of shit bla bla bla" in every Nintendo article.

doogiebear3889d ago

Not too much to complain about when it comes to Sony, lately. Just saying.

linkratos3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

While most people are reasonable, there is a definite hatred among people ingrained in the hardcore community. Maybe not hatred, but a from of disrespect. There is nothing Nintendo can do to win people over. Any success is met with a completely unrelated criticism, sometimes they can't receive a completely un-backhanded compliment.

One example: Nintendo finally secures a mature, hardcore, 3rd party exclusive (which is what people have been asking for, saying it's why they don't support Nintendo) and instead of people discussing how this improves the Wii U lineup, you get people saying they're going to kill themselves because they might have to buy the console.

MaxXAttaxX3891d ago

That's good for Nintendo and Nintendo gamers. But you can't blame the fans of the first game for their reaction.

ShinMaster3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

SOB stories to excuse/detract from valid criticism...sorry "hate".

The only company that's been getting the most negative doom articles is Sony.
I don't remember seeing any Nintendo related articles about why they will fail and how the end of their consoles is coming, etc

ChickeyCantor3892d ago

You don't need the articles. This website proofs enough of those type of people. And believe it or not, a lot people are smacktalking Nintendo.

linkratos3892d ago

I this a joke comment? There have been non-stop articles on the subject. Only recently have they calmed down.