Unreal Engine 4: ‘we don’t feel beaten by other engines’ – Epic

Unreal Engine 4 developer Epic Games has told VG247 why it doesn’t feel threatened by other engines such as CryEngine 3 and Luminous. In fact, the studio feels that other engine creators go too far out of their way to be unique, making it harder for them to compete with Unreal.

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DaThreats2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I want to see diversity and have next-gen use multiple engines.
Such as Unreal Engine 4, Crytek 3.5/4, Fox Engine, Frostbite 2/3, SquareEnix Luminous Studio Engine, and more.
Want games to look different and use each engine to their strength.

TheFinalEpisode2360d ago

They will all be aiming for photo-realism and will probably be getting really close, so I think it'll come down to performance over graphics.

TheKindRoost2360d ago

I for one am tired of photo-realism( with the exception of sim racers and sports game),devs should strive for more creative world design. You have a new engine with all new kinds of tricks, take advantage of it. Realism just limits what you can do with a game.

taquito2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

crysis 1 on pc in 2007 already achieved near realistic graphics,

...consoles might be able to come close next gen, though i doubt they will put enough power in them to even get crysis 1, dx10, 1080p with the AA and AF nessasary to look like those screens, i sure hope they do though!

pixelsword2359d ago

@ taq:

I think that's the "Jump" Sony wants in the PS4, and why they won't release anything about it until they reach that.

Or at least come close to that.

DeadlyFire2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Funny thing is everyone used Epic's engine and now they create their own. Epic will have a limited presence among top devlopers/publishers, but with the new crowd of developers that could pop up they could have a presence.

Epic and Crytek are the only 2 licensing their engine's out. The others seem to just want to keep an in-house engine for their studios to work around and work with them to improve.

Square Enix

Are 4 publishers/developers with games under their umbrella that will not utilize UE 4.

WeskerChildReborned2359d ago

Agreed, more games should take advantage of the great engines we have.

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chukamachine2359d ago

Uncharted,BF3 visual style over Gears all day long.

Kurt Russell2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Ergh, no way. Gears is way more fantastical... those just look like Luton town center "the game".

X_GAMER_X2359d ago

Feel and realize is two separate things.

bubblebeam2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I think UE4 won't be the most powerful engine next gen. I do however think it will be the most used BY FAR.

The customization and the ease of use makes it second to none. Epic have invested a lot of time and money in UE4, they have been expanding rapidly this last year especially. If UE4 fails, than they are going to be in a heap of crap.

But I think they are very confident it will once again dominate in the multi platform field.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, hopefully they will optimise it separately for each console, or at least be very capable of on-par platform comparisons.

Rhythmattic2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

I beleive with Cryengine3, its free to use and distribute a game if its freeware, and not for commercial gains... Absolutely brilliant approach...

Is it the same with Epic's engine's Licensing ?
Reading their license agreements it doesn't seem the case, from what I've found, its only free for the use of development... Is that right?

It would be interesting to know...

Animal Mutha 762359d ago

The nice thing to consider is that the current engines are not maxed out on the current consoles. Frostbite 2 for example can look and run a lot better than it does on 360. If the next consoles have enough power then the current engines and games are just ready to scale up and be given a shot in the arm.

If I could have Bf3 running and looking like the PC version on a console at 1080p then I'd be very happy to start.

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