Have developers given up on Survival Horror? writes:

"So, where does Survival Horror go from here? Given the obvious commercial appeal of games like Call of Duty, it wouldn’t make business sense for developers to go back to the niche trappings of old, not when they can fill their pockets with the action-oriented approach titles are going lately. However, there’s still room for an authentic survival horror experience."

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NYC_Gamer2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Publishers/Investment groups are the ones who gave up on the horror genre

shodan742259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Exactly. You won't find any decent Triple A survival-horrors these days for that very reason - but fortunately the indie sphere and modders are coming up with some excellent horror experiences.

Amnesia, Cry Of Fear, Lone Survivor - it's looking more and more like the future of horror gaming lies in downloadable digital titles created by small, talented, independent teams. Fortunately, Kickstarter can also be a springboard for people with great ideas and skills to attract funding for these kinds of projects.

-GametimeUK-2258d ago

I think the gaming crowd has given up on horror.

TheFinalEpisode2261d ago

I hate how devs are trying to copy action games like CoD and Uncharted with action-filled setpieces when they seem to forget what made the survival-HORROR franchise great in the first place,horror.

Irishguy952259d ago

Yeah Cod and Uncharted are overrated tripe

AsimLeonheart2259d ago

Another game changing its genre to action/shooter. The problem is that the videogame industry have become too big for its own good. Developing costs and marketing budgets have sky-rocketed and companies need to recover the costs in any way possible. This has led to focusing on the most popular genre only and abandoning other less popular genres. The rise of DLC is also one the ways to increase revenue from a single game. All of this in turn has resulted in low quality, dlc infested and unfinished shooters/games ready to be patched up on day one. Anyone who even tries to make something different regrets it and eventually turns toward the shooter genre for increased profitability. The best days of gaming lasted from mid 90s and until 2005 when gaming companies were small and were driven by passion, dreams and vision instead of costs, revenues and profits. Every developer made what he wanted to make and did not worry about the money. They were passionate about their creations and just wanted to make their dream games. Now developers are slaves of giant corporation management who either obey them or lose their jobs. Ever wonder why all the legendary game creators like Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uemetsu, Shinji Mikami, Soraya Saga, Yasunori Mitsuda, Masato Kato and Yasuyuki Honne are living a life of obscurity?? They refused to bow down to the shareholders and management. That is the reason we do not get ground breaking games any more and just sequels after sequels and generic shooters. The best days were when gaming industry was small and less commercialized than today.

LX-General-Kaos2261d ago

From the looks of current trends in the industry, most devs have only given up on the horror aspect of their titles. Though they have cranked up on the intensity of the survival aspect. It is a shame that some of the franchises that put survival horror on the map to begin with have sold out to modern times. Taking an easier action adventure movie like approach for accessible games to please the mainstream consumer.

Luckily we still have games like Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive ZombiU, and the likes of the Dead Island franchise. Two games that keep the horror aspect mixed in with the survival factor. I wish other devs in the future look at those two offerings as an example for how to do things correctly.

Rated E For Everyone

RedSoakedSponge2259d ago

i agree with what you said. but i have to ask, why do you always put that "Rated E For Everyone" at the end of all your posts? its pretty irritating lol

vitullo312258d ago

Everything he says is irritating its always about Nintendo that's all he cares about

RedSoakedSponge2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

oh yeah i know that. but the Rated E For Everyone thing really gets to me for some reason.

also... why does he have 6 bubbles?!?!?! DX

i only have 3 and im not a one sided fanboy :(

vitullo312258d ago

yeah i dont understand it either maybe he should explain further.. and you bring up a valid point hes clearly a huge nintendo fanboy and has 6 bubbles.. we only have 3 and im not a fanboy either

Lucretia2259d ago

while Zombie-u could be promising, it doesn't have much lasting appeal....Ok wait thats wrong, It will be one of those things that once you beat it, it will be easy and fast.....

well what im trying to say is the game wont be that long what so ever since you start completely over.

I think its a good idea but maybe if they expand on it and do something like Dark/Demons souls, where you do start over but you try to unlock easy access points.

that way it wont be so short

Son_Lee2261d ago

I think survival horror could thrive in the digital market. Make a 5-10 hour survival horror game and put it on PSN, XBLA, Steam, etc. Make it like $15-$20 and people will eat it up, including me.

jc485732261d ago

remember back in the days when they used to make good quality horror games. It was a way for developers to show off the graphics. Silent Hill still blows my mind up till this date. you really can't go low budget on this despite the risk factors.

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