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Gamesblip writes about Kinect Sesame Street TV on the Xbox 360 with Kinect.

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from the beach3285d ago

Glad to hear this turned out good.

ChunkyLover533285d ago

The interactive National Geographic channel turned out good as well.

Redgehammer3285d ago

I have seen 2 seven year olds have an absolute blast being a bear, and a 2 year old more tickled than Elmo by the Sesame adventure. Nice to see a positive review.

Lucretia3285d ago

Atleast its a good kids toy

CommonSenseGamer3284d ago

Kinect is what Sony's cam for the PS3 should have always been. Kinect brings back fantastic family orientated entertainment just like Eyetoy brought to the market last gen.

dkgshiz3284d ago

Maybe, most of the time I see peoples Kinects in peoples closets with 2 inches of thick dust. One thing is for sure. Motion control gaming won't be around during the 8th generation. That gimmick got old real quick.

Lucretia3284d ago

yeeeeeeaaah, Cuz the eyetoy was a great idea lol.

People just want games, not gimmicks. so sick of them.

but this is good for children, soo thats fine ofcourse.

just defending the millions who bought one because we did NOT buy it to play games with ourr children since I many of us Dont have children, and didn't buy it for children.

Redgehammer3284d ago

Kinect is more than that, but convincing dissenters is not my job. My family and I enjoy what Kinect has to offer.