Insomniac Games on Spyro: "It was Pretty Easy to Leave it Behind"

Insomaniac Games was involved in a lot of people's adolescence. With games like the Ratchet and Clank series, they definitely had some of the most fun games out there. But there's one little purple dragon that really started it all for them: Spyro the Dragon.

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Relientk773189d ago

The Spyro series was amazing on PlayStation and the only way we will ever see another fantastic Spyro game is if Insomniac Games gets back the rights

Carl_Shocker3189d ago

The sad thing is they said they arn't interested

I think the only developer Sony has which could capture the magic Insomniac gave Spyro would be NaughtyDog. Pretty sure Sony could buy back Crash and Spyro if they wanted and give them to ND...they do have two development teams lets not forget we could finally have HD Collections of them with trophy support...maybe even a small online mode for Crash Team can dream

Relientk773189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

If I had a 2nd choice Naughty Dog would sure be it, the 2 developers work so closely on projects anyway.

Just started Spyro the Dragon again a couple days, even today the game is still amazing, and as fun as ever

Carl_Shocker3189d ago

I would love to play Spyro again...however SCEE are a f****** joke. 4 years of "were working on it" and still no Spyro.

ChunkyLover533189d ago

Activision would never sell Spyro to anyone. Skylanders is just too big, the toy sales, the game sales and the fan base is just too big. Crash on the other hand hasn't done anything in a while.

Carl_Shocker3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


But Spyro isn't what sells those games...they could take Spyro out and call it just Skylanders and no one would realise, especialy the audience they are aiming for with those games.

Hell Spyro dosen't even look like himself in it...all they did it for was to establish Skylanders quicker because of Spyro being a well known character, there plan worked so there isn't any need to have him in the games anymore.

Eiffel3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Sony never owned the rights to Crash Bandicoot. Universal did. Universal had a publishing deal with Naughty Dog before Sony bought the studio, thus both Sony and Universal entered a distribution agreement with the Crash Bandicoot IP, it lasted up until the release of the PS2. Similar agreement for Insomniac as they held a publishing deal with Universal as well, As a result they chose to remain a second party developer for the Playstation brand. Both Naughty Dog and Insomniac have always been a duo ever since they worked in the same building. The opportunity that followed for Naughty Dog, it's no surprise that Insomniac got involved as well.

ChunkyLover533189d ago

They wont sell him off, he's probably too expensive to even appear in PlayStation All Stars, how the heck would Sony afford to buy him outright?

Sounds like wishful thinking to me, I bought Skylanders based off the Spyro name.

GrahamGolden3188d ago

we still have sly cooper and ratchet
but i wouldnt mind new IP's of the same genre for sony,they know how to make good quality games

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Freak of Nature3189d ago

And speaking of amazing...

I wish IG would revisit this long lost gem...***The Insomniac Game That Never Was: Monster Knight***

This game really looked like it could have been something special, still does, with more power to day behind the consoles this could even be better than imagined years ago eye candy and gameplay wise..

Gamer19823188d ago

Skylanders right now is HUGE and that means spyro as a single character is gone and probably forever will be as a single character. All my kids want is skylanders this and that its a becoming more than a game its becoming a brand. You can get sticker books, lunchboxes, trading cards and more now.


I never even heard of Skylander up 'till this very post on N4G, probably because it didn't hitted Brazil like that (although the game and some toys are indeed released here), also I don't have any kids yet.

I gotta say I'm impressed, I was reading into wiki about it and watching videos at Youtube, how can people buy this piece of crap? The game is awful and you have spend even more in stupid plastic toys to actually play all of it... And they are making tons of money expanding the franchise.

After Guitar Hero, COD and this, I'm starting to guess King Midas work at Activision.

majiebeast3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Insomniac is now at the mercy of EA. Fuse doesnt even look like a insomniac game so much for developer creativity.

Yeah they are doing much better at ea... Rename doesnt get announced at any big conference and is completely different from the first trailer they showed.

Resistance 3 bad sales are the blame of resistance 2 which left alot of people with a bad taste in their mouth's.

Sony has always given insomniac a spot in the fall line up with every ps3 R&C game and with resi2 and 3. Meanwhile both killzone games have been in the first quarter of the year.

Knight_Crawler3189d ago

Can you blame them for leaving Sony though? they were like the ugly step child of the Sony developers.

Insomniac put there soul into some of Sonys games and for Sony to put Guerrilla Games over them was a slap in the face.

MySwordIsHeavenly3189d ago

They gave Insomniac many chances, including offers to be purchased. All offers were turned down, however. I feel like we won't see Insomniac for very long, next generation... :/

Soldierone3189d ago

GG is their (sonys) own studio. Sony makes less money with Insomniac even if their games were massive because they didn't own them.

Sony several times attempted to buy them and support them in a similar way, and IG said no. Now they have the freedom to go to another publisher and make whatever they what they want then have the publisher ruin it, call it Fuse, and blame Insomniac for it when the fans react.

badz1493188d ago

last time I check, Another R&C is coming and it sure won't be the last of Insomniac!

GrahamGolden3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

they gave them kk chances its not sony faults if insomniac screwed them up and went for EAZE money instead of creativity (EA)

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Carl_Shocker3189d ago

The funny thing is they left Sony and didn't want to be a first party developer because they wanted freedom, yet they are more restricted by EA on their new game which at one time last year looked amazing

srcBFMVBMTH3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

"Resistance 3 bad sales are the blame of resistance 2 which left alot of people with a bad taste in their mouth's."

Agreed dude. If Insomniac stuck with the Resistance 1 formula with Resistance 2. The series wouldn't be so messed up right now. (By messed up I mean the formula being inconsistent). Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Resistance 2 and 3. But it left a lot of Resistance fans like "WTF? this doesn't feel like Resistance!!!!!!!"

Knight_Crawler3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Killzone is infamous for this as well.

I think KZ2 had a good balance, why GG decided to mess with the formula is totally beyond me - the sad thing about this is that they will use a new formula for KZ4 and cycle will continue.

srcBFMVBMTH3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


I dunno, for me at least Campaign wise. I enjoyed Killzone 3 almost if not just as much as Killzone 2. But yea, I could see the changes that ticked people off. MP wise? Yea, they really messed that up. lol

"the sad thing about this is that they will use a new formula for KZ4 and cycle will continue."

Not sure where you got this from but time will tell. What I'm hoping is that they combine elements from the first and second game. Killzone 1 had an amazing story (Best of the three IMO). While Killzone 2 had the best MP.

HmongAmerican3188d ago

They done something right with Resistance Fall Of Men. That's the whole reason why I am into FPS. It was Resistance Fall OF Men was. As time fly I was hooks to FPS thanks to Resistance Fall Of Men.

Frankfurt3189d ago

Resistance didn't look like an Insomniac game either.

Gamer19823188d ago

They should have stuck with games they were good at Resistance wasnt that. A lot of people like the series but it wasnt amazing. Certain developers are great at certain types of games and thats that like EPIC are great at shooters and insomniac and platformers. They should stick to what they know and do best.

hulk_bash19873188d ago


Wow talk about being ass backwards.

MrBeatdown3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

How are they at the mercy of EA?

People make it sound like EA can do whatever they want and Insomniac just has to go along with it.

Insomniac is independent. They own the Fuse IP. If EA wants to do business with Insomniac after Fuse is released, EA has to give Insomniac the freedom to do what they want.

grayfoxx8813189d ago

I am a huge Insomniac fan, love R&C and Resistance. Not many people know that Insomniac is independent. However, I don't think EA is giving them complete freedom on the project. When I saw the Overstrike trailer, I said to myself, "Well, this looks like an Insomniac game." When I saw the Fuse trailer, I was pretty pissed because it showcased EA's influence on the project. And since EA is the publisher for this project, don't they hold the purse strings? Fuse is releasing in March, I just hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle with Gears of War and God of War.

MrBeatdown3189d ago

Maybe that's the case. Maybe not. It just seems unfair to me to blame EA based on nothing but speculation, especially when EA gave them a publishing deal Insomniac seemed quite happy with. Plus, like I said, Insomniac has that bargaining chip. They can take their IP elsewhere. Insomniac isn't helpless here.

grayfoxx8813188d ago

People are blaming EA not on pure speculation, but on their track record. Insomniac signed a contract with EA, so they are partners for this project. I highly doubt EA said to Insomniac, "Hey guys, do what you want, even though we are funding this little party."

MrBeatdown3188d ago

And there is just as much of that track record that people are ignoring. Stuff like Portal 2, Brutal Legend, and Shadows of the Damned.

Numerous major independent studios that like to retain control and direction of their games like Epic, Valve, and Respawn have all signed on with EA Partners.

Now either they are all stupidly signing deals with a publisher that doesn't grant them the terms of creative freedom they are looking for, or Insomniac is the only one stupid enough to do so. I don't think Insomniac is that stupid, and I think they would be bright enough to hold out for a deal that gets them not only ownership of their own IP, but the direction of it too. But hey, if you think Insomniac is dumb enough to give EA permission to dictate what the game should be, there's not much I can say that would convince you otherwise.

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GTRrocker6663188d ago

I liked resistance 2 a lot

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2pacalypsenow3189d ago

Insomniac is trash they gave up on all tehir games

MySwordIsHeavenly3189d ago

Considering Skylanders is a cash cow, I don't see the rights shifting any time soon. :/

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