Sony 'surprised' by Vita's lack of developer support

CVG: Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has said Sony has been surprised by the lack of support from third-party developers for Vita.

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Jio2237d ago

Well of course, they are terrible at advertisement and don't know how to relate to Western or Eastern audiences. They also don't offer many incentives to developers. It's not that hard, but Sony just hires some stupid people in charge of certain departments that have no clue about their customers.

All this is coming from a Vita owner.

G33K2237d ago

I don't trust a bronie.

Jio2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

You don't trust me because I'm a brony.

You shouldn't trust me because I steal cars on the weekends.

EDIT: But in all seriousness, wtf does that have to do with anything?

crxss2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )


i think the psv just needs better games

ShinMaster2237d ago

But I agree that they need to increase their marketing.

guitarded772237d ago

I like Sony because they will admit failures and lack of foresight. They don't spin everything and give typical PR answers like most others.

From article***
"'In retrospect, there are so many options for publishers now that we cannot take it for granted that our new platform would be supported by third parties, like [it would've been] many years ago,' he said.

'There are limited resources that third party publishers have, and they have to diversify into new areas constantly; that's a challenge to get the support that we want.'"

It sounds like the new PlayStation Mobile is a direct result of the way developers are so concentrated on the mobile market. I really wish these casual mobile gamers would experience what us core gamers are experiencing. I think most would love real full fledged big budget titles, in turn getting devs concentrating more resources on deep games for handhelds. I mean Angry Birds is a fun little play with physics game, but something like Gravity Rush is what makes handheld gaming worth the price of admission.

Frankfurt2237d ago

Sony doesn't spin?

Are you forgetting how every year has been the "year of PS3" according to their reps (then, the year ends and they're still in 3rd place - it's been 5 "years of the PS3" now, and they have been in last place in each one - even worldwide last year, where the 360 was number 1 - see link below)?

How every NPD they talk about the "Playstation ecosystem" and "momentum", since they have had their asses kicked for EIGHTEEN MONTHS STRAIGHT and have no numbers to brag about?

You forgot "get a second job"?

You forgot "Nintendo consoles are toys", and how gamers "don't want toys"?

You forgot Sony saying at E3 the "console race isn't a race" since Playstation "couldn't" be beaten?

You Sony fans are hilarious in how you yourself pretend to forget and even spin your own misinformation.

ChickeyCantor2237d ago

"I like Sony because they will admit failures and lack of foresight."

But what is the point if the "damage" is already done?

Seraphemz2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Frankfurt - You must be a Wii fan since its the best selling console to date right now....

I guess you forgot about the RROD, funny how 360 fans justify a company that gives them a defective, and they knew it was, product and still thinks that they are the greatest thing.

I guess you are here talking nonsense about SONY fans all the time since you have no games to play on your precious machine...

I really dont care that the PS3 is in third, they are still dishing out games, and i have Beyond two Souls and Last of Us to look forward to and im sure there will be more.

Enjoy Joyride 3 with Kinect... I hear its better that way.

rpd1232237d ago


You must have forgotten about the Yellow Light of Death, which typically happened after the warranty was up. So Sony essentially screwed everyone while at least Microsoft was able to replace the xbox. What's that you say, your PS3 has never YLOD'd? Well neither has my 360, had it since launch. It's funny how selective some people's memories can be.

Nutsack2237d ago

Launch PS3's YLOD after 1 to 2 years, 360's often RROD'd after some months.

Both broke down a lot because of two failures:

1. High energy use between 200 and 300 watt, making PCB bend slightly giving stress on CPU and GPU's pins

Combined with

2. Solder without lead in it, being weaker than older solder used in previous consoles with lead.

A better cooling system/fans kept the problem down a tad longer, but that's about it.

Both consoles died A LOT!

Eyeco2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

YLOD was no where near as epic as RROD, don't even try to compare the two, and RROD alone was one of many other technical faults that plagued the 360 since launch.

Hardware wise the 360 has always been a piece of sh!t i even know diehard 360 fanboys that have admitted that.

BTW my friends 2007 ps3 died 1 year after his warranty ended and Sony still sent him a free ps3.

Kurylo3d2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

since when did this conversation become about a wii or 360? The argument was that sony spins ... no one ever said no one else does. I love how the sony fanboys hear a negative comment about ps3... so they immediately go and try to put another console on the defensive in order to change the subject... lol.

It would be bad if they were wrong about something... ever. lol

Ritsujun2237d ago

my PS3, XBOX360, PSP2000, PSP3000, DSi, PSV never had any problems
learn to take care of your gaming devices, clowns

DragonKnight2237d ago

@Frankfurt: I usually have no inclination to reply to an obvious one bubble troll, but the fact you got a Well Said for your erroneous statements compelled me to reply.

"Are you forgetting how every year has been the "year of PS3" according to their reps (then, the year ends and they're still in 3rd place - it's been 5 "years of the PS3" now, and they have been in last place in each one - even worldwide last year, where the 360 was number 1 - see link below)?"

Sony reps never said it was the "Year of the PS3" every year. They said it one time and then the media said it every year. Also, Sony were never wrong about it considering they outsold the 360 every year since launch and have higher rated quality games. The gap between the 360 and PS3 now is nowhere near where it was at the start thanks to multiple years of the PS3 where the PS3 ended with more sales (read: SALES not SHIPMENTS like last year, also stop using MS's own quarters to give them an edge) than the 360.

"How every NPD they talk about the "Playstation ecosystem" and "momentum", since they have had their asses kicked for EIGHTEEN MONTHS STRAIGHT and have no numbers to brag about?"

How is that spin? PS Ecosystem and Momentum is, at worst, damage control and at best simply focusing on the positives of the platform. It's the same as MS saying everyone loves Kinect despite constant complaints about how it doesn't work properly and is for casual players. And again, they have not had their "asses kicked for 18 months straight" do some ACTUAL research. Even IF we believed those incorrect figures, 18 months for MS vs the 60 months for Sony makes your point irrelevant.

"You forgot "get a second job"?

One person in Sony doesn't equal Sony as a whole and that person is no longer part of Sony. Also, given that your reply was supposed to be about spin, that quote has no relevance.

"You forgot "Nintendo consoles are toys", and how gamers "don't want toys"?

Which was proven right considering how the Wii has been in a nosedive position for quite some time and that the Wii's momentum was boosted by Oprah and other celebrity/talk show host give aways thanks to it being the cheapest console around.

"You forgot Sony saying at E3 the "console race isn't a race" since Playstation "couldn't" be beaten?"

This is probably the only accurate thing you've said and still isn't spin, it's cocky PR attitude that MS is just as guilty of.

Your link is irrelevant as it's already been established the Nintendo and Sony report their sales different than MS does and have different quarters.

Nutsack2237d ago

"YLOD was no where near as epic as RROD, don't even try to compare the two, and RROD alone was one of many other technical faults that plagued the 360 since launch."

Actually YLOD was, the damage was just in slow motion compared to the 360. Why not compare the two? Lets see: I know a lot of gamers, but a group of around 15 that have a lot of contact with eachother and everyone that had a launch PS3 fat had it died by YLOD. Actually there are some that had 3 PS3's already because of YLOD.

About other technical failures, yes lets get into that. Stuff like drive problems. When Sony had the 600 to 400 pricecut and introduced the cheap parts using PS3 40GB fat, the BluRay diode crapped out a lot. Thing was very noisy too due to a cheap fan.

Thing is, both launch consoles had their fair share of problems. Things only got better when the chips got cut back in nm's, the 360 Fat last model before the slim and PS3 fat 80GB's launched in 2008 finally got better in overall quality. Slims fixed it all further.

"BTW my friends 2007 ps3 died 1 year after his warranty ended and Sony still sent him a free ps3"

Well Sony just gave 1 year of warranty. Microsoft gave 3 full years. And I know some people that were asked 150 Euro or around 170USD for a repair of YLOD just outside the 1 year warranty. Worst thing was that a new PS3 slim could be bought for about 100 bucks extra. On top of that, when it was repaired and it died after a couple of months there was no renewed warranty you just lost 150 Euro/170 bucks over NOTHING.

Sony facked many people up the butthole by that. They'd rather given 3 years of full warranty on launch consoles at least.

DragonKnight2237d ago

@Nutsack: You're trying to compare 15 people to thousands? By MS's own numbers the RROD failure rate was 33%. That's 1/3 of ALL sold consoles until they acknowledged it as an actual problem. That's NOT counting the E73 error and other problems with the very poorly built 360. I have 2 launch 60GB PS3's and not one of them got the YLOD. One suffered the Blu Ray diode problem and one suffered some unknown problem. The PS3's biggest problem at launch was the power supply being too hot. A problem easily rectified by replacing the power unit with the 40GB one which were compatible. Once you did that it was unlikely that you'd ever experience a YLOD since the most common cause of YLOD was heat related and the power supply generates 40% of the system's total heat.

Don't try to say that PS3's had a 33% failure rate like the 360. That's laughable of you to attempt.

NeverEnding19892237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Dragonknight, you just admitted that your personal PS3 failure rate for launch consoles is 100%. YLOD or not, the PS3 hardware isn't much different from the Xbox 360's.

Xbox 360's failure rate is much higher than 33% and the PS3's isn't far behind.

Personal experience: 3 broken Xbox 360's in 6 years, 2 broken PS3's in 1 year.

DragonKnight2237d ago

@Neverending: Did MS contact you yet? You have a natural gift for spin. The bluray diode problem is a rare one. So rare that Sony's own staff rarely had to handle it and thus didn't know how to identify it, also btw my PS3 still works, so no my "personal failure rate" is not 100%. Don't try to fabricate numbers. The PS3's failure rate is nowhere near the 360's. With all the Sony hate this gen that kind of failure rate would indeed come to light. YLOD has been blown out of proportion due to the fact that so many don't even know what it is and due to haters wishing the PS3 failed as much as the 360.

Stop pulling numbers out of nowhere and provide actual proof. MS already commented on their own failure rate, admitting it was 33% (some lame survey said it was 50%) and absolutely no official failure rate numbers were ever stated for the Wii or the PS3. Why? Because it's nowhere close to being as high as the 360's failure rate. And there are official inspections to determine such things if the problem is rampant enough, that's why MS was almost forced to recall the 360 until they initiated their 3 year warranty extension.

Currently both the Wii and the PS3 are within industry standards for failure rates. Your personal totals are irrelevant because quite frankly you're not that important for your personal totals to matter to anyone but yourself and fanboys.

NeverEnding19892237d ago


You're going in circles. Sony has inserted its probe so far up your ass you don't know which way is up.

Both of your PS3's have broke. I don't care why they broke (unless you are at fault). You console failure rate with launch PS3's in 100%. Feel free to give me an actual explanation as to why you disagree and not spew more hypocrisy.

Sony hasn't provided any numbers of failure rates. According to your logic, they must be non-existent?

The point of my post was that failure rates are way too high this generation. RROD, YLOD, etc. Both consoles failure rates are horrendous.

DragonKnight2237d ago

No, your point was to make up B.S. and try to claim that Sony's (and Nintendo's) failure rates are the same as MS. I have no inclination to continue discussing anything with an obvious fanboy. Your delusions are your own and aren't reality.

ShinMaster2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

That does not mean PS3 will suddenly be at the #1 sales spot. BTW, PS3 sales have been higher each year than 360s. How do you think it managed to cut 360's lead from 8 million down to 2 mil. Hahah.

What "Year of the PS3" means, is Sony will provide with plenty of core games to the fans. WHICH THEY HAVE BEEN, YEAR AFTER YEAR.

We've been having good years with our PS3 for... I lost count of how many years in a row.

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GuyThatPlaysGames2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Nobody wants to waste their resources on something that is obviously headed towards failure!!

TENTONGUN2237d ago

ah cmon man dont say that. i dig the hell out of my vita, and i lean more toward microsoft, so dont call me a blind fanboy. 2 holiday seasons and we should know if its a failure.

hell i have an idea. since you like games so much and youre on a gaming news site, how bout you go buy one and a few good games for it. its not like the vita sucks or anything

DOMination-2237d ago

The sad truth is there's nothing i want on vita. I have one and play it every day but only for ps1 classics. The only other game that interests me so far is escape plan..

KUV19772237d ago

I liked Escape Plan but never finished it. I did however massively enjoy Uncharted. Then there was a little gap. Gravity Rush didn't work that well for me. But with rebates I really enjoyed Hot Shots Golf and ModNation and also Motorstorm and that Blob game. Even the free Ecolibrium is quite nice - for a free game that is. I admit though that after release the time was a bit dry but now LBP is great and I'm not even a big LBP-fan. End of October sees Assassin's Creed which I am really looking forward to and I also hope there will be a bundle for Most Wanted. I'm probably not going to buy it full price for VITA but if there is a bundle I'd be more than happy to buy it. Then there will be Killzone... A lot of people are looking forward to PS-AllStars. I really dig my VITA so I hope that AC and MW will sell great so other publishers see the potential and start to create more games.

solar2237d ago

i wouldnt classify the Vita as a failure yet, but developers who dont sit down on Sony's rod wont make a game they believe wont make them money. Gaming is a mainstream business now. "lets get as many ppl we can to buy our shitty game by hype before they realize they spent $60"

GuyThatPlaysGames2237d ago

@Tentongun @Domination @Kuv1977 @solar
I'm not trying to bash Sony in any way. Don't get me wrong, the Vita is a great idea but it's just not the right time in the market for handheld gaming. Everyone has great games on their smartphones now and consoles are affordable, hell even gaming pc's can be picked up at a great price as well. There are too many things in the market for the Vita to compete with. I wish all the luck for Sony and the Vita, but honestly you all know as well as I do that the Vita is headed into the ground. Nobody wants to support it and how many good games have come out recently???

aquamala2237d ago

I'll get it when the cost of Vita + 32gb card is $150.

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greenpowerz2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Why does it always have to be bad marketing with Sony?

Could it be consumers view Sony products as over priced relics?(new hardware with same old japanese brand loyalty strategy)

A vita isn't exactly a DS a women can throw in her purse with pick up and play functionality. Casuals dont care for all that extra step function and is the reason I think Wii U will suffer.

Devs know the handheld market has moved casual and a core handheld device isn't appealing to the only remaining demographics interested in the HH market.

Sony needs to simplify their handhelds not make more complex.

GuyManDude2237d ago

It sucks but green is right from a sales perspective. The Vita won't sell unless it has super-casual titles. The PSP had a ton of good casual-yet-core games like Lumines, Patapon, and LittleBigPlanet. If Sony doesn't start churning out more games like LittleBigPlanet Vita then they won't get the market share they need for 3rd party support.

I think a $199 price point would do wonders for sales personally, but it's hard to say.

Sincerely, an owner of a PS1/2/3/P.

mcstorm2237d ago

I agreee too. I have a psv and love it but the biggest problem sony have is they dont have anything that is stand out like mario. Nintendo know Mario games sell and everyone knows who mario is. Sony have started to try and do this with lbp but again they fail to push it in peoples faces and because of this people are not picking up the game.

Before people start to go on at me being a fan boy look at the sales numbers of mario 3d mario galaxy ect then look at the sales of lbp 1 and 2.

Both sony and microsoft have this problem with games that sell to the none gamers. Look at games like banjo viva pinata on the 360 they were very good games but did not sell as they were not pushed like gears or halo.

MS have now changed this with kinect amd sony now need to start doing this. With lbp vita lbp karting playstation allstars all need to be pushed alot over the next few months and to get people excited about them as well as the psv and ps3.

Gamer-Z2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

And it doesn't help that they just fired most of their PR department

kesvalk2237d ago

seeing as how bad they were, this could be a good thing!

dontbhatin2237d ago

So are Bronies gay or is it just the feminine side of a guy showing? Serious question.

kesvalk2237d ago

the new show is well made, intelligent and funny, it's like watching adventure time or flapjack.

Jio2237d ago

We just like a show.
People on the internet tend to hate people who like things they don't like.

r1sh122237d ago

Sony's first adverts in the UK were just way tooooo stereotypical, they showed a very 'nerdy' character walking on the street playing games cross roads etc.
If youre going to advertise something like that, you are hurting yourself.

The adverts have become significantly better, but the only way developers will support the vita is if the install base is good and the time is worth it.

Chris5582237d ago

First why do they needed the vita a handeld which has no chance to rival ds or smartphones

iNcRiMiNaTi2237d ago

Escape plan isn't really that good of a game imo and I kinda regret getting it. I bought it along with UMVC3 and Unit 13 and I played those for days and only played escape plan for a few minutes. Once I got Uncharted, MK and mgs collection I forgot I even had it.

pixelsword2237d ago

No, not a lack of good games, an lack of good ads. Jio is right.

tigertron2237d ago

Pay no attention to G33k, I'm a brony. Although a couple of weeks ago if someone said I would become a Brony I'd say they were insane.

Back on the subject of the Vita, you're right, Sony really needs to advertise more. One of the reasons why the 360 was so successful was because of the constant bombardment of adverts, same with the DS and the Wii.

Jio2237d ago

It's not really about what G33k said, it's more the fact that 70 people agreed gave him a bubble and voted him "Well Said."

Sony needs to show people that the Vita is a new system. I can't tell you how many times I'll be playing my Vita in public and people come up to me and say,
"OMG, is that a PSP? I haven't seen one of those in years!"

tigertron2237d ago

@ Jio

Thats's N4G I'm afraid.

spicelicka2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Why the F***** you guys arguing about something you have no control over. Corporations don't give a shit about your opinion nor will u have any affect on their business plan by justifying your purchase of their machines, and condemning others. They just hunt down your wallets.

It's like arguing over lions and tigers, we waste our time talking about their features that we can't do shit about, while they chill and hunt us.

nerdkiller2237d ago

welcome to nintendo's world they relied on themselves for years and built a cult following doing it. i give nintendo props for that.

lack of third partys does suck though

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Batzi2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

I own the Vita and I love it and I see BIG potentials coming out of this beautiful hardware but there are NO games! :( Hopefully by next year we should be getting 3rd party AAA quality titles on the Vita.

rezzah2237d ago

There are games, just not enough.

Few and far between too.

eferreira2237d ago

Lbp just came out and silent hill is coming out very soon

Carl_Shocker2237d ago


LPB looks amazing...Silent Hill however looks terrible, I mean it dosen't even look like a SH game.

Batzi2237d ago

@Carl: it is a spin-off and i think it looks and plays really good.

RubyToTheMax2237d ago

There are enough games for me, and this is coming from someone who doesn't own a console, just a PSVita.

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forevercloud30002237d ago

This argument gets really tired. Vita has plenty of really well recieved games.
-Gravity Rush
-Uncharted:Golden Abyss
-Unit 13
-Super Stardust Delta
-Escape Plan
The list goes on and on, these are games that are rated 6+(for handhelds that is about an 8 in comparison to consoles). There are just as many good games on Vita as there are on 3DS.

It is unfortunate that Mario just has the pedigree to outshine any of them, no other game save COD could really have that kind of effect(We shall see this Christmas). Sony has some AAA quality games coming this Christmas as well (PASBR,Assassin's Creed:Liberations, Persona 4:The Golden, Smart As..., and COD Declassified) all touching on respective popular genres that any console should. Anyone who says the Vita is lacking in games or in quality needs to take a second look.

What is really holding it back is
A.)The media and all its doom and gloom articles scaring people away from it(no one wants to be Dreamcasted) and
B.)Price, people feel self entitled that Vita should go for a price cut simply because 3DS was the same price and cut it. They fail to realize that 3DS was massively overcharging for that amount and Vita is barely breaking even at that same price.
C.)Sony's abysmal advertising efforts. They should be steering them towards not only Hardcore but Tablet owners as well. Vita does a lot of the same things as a tablet and excels at gaming all for like half the price of a tablet(Tablets are sold at a ridiculous premium). They should also be playing non stop. Sony apparently stopped including advertisement budgets in their R&D development projections.

ipe2237d ago

By this holiday it might surpass 3ds in high quality games.

If u dont care about golden abyss, gravity rush, sound shapes, lbp, escape plan, lumines, wipeout, unit 13, little king story, tales from space, dragon crown, stardust, ragnarok odysey, ac liberation, cod, soul sacrifice, kz merc, tearaway, ffx etc ps1, psp games. Why u bought it in first place?

For 6 months old system it has very good library.

ChunkyLover532237d ago

Price, I thought Sony would have learned from the PS3 launch that people aren't willing to pay huge amounts for gaming hardware at launch. By the time you buy the Vita + tax and a memory card its over $300 and that's before you even buy a game.

Developers wont support something that people aren't going to buy, because it costs money to develop games and if nobody is buying games, they'll just lose money on it.

A little food for thought, the last 3 studios that Sony shut down, were all shut down after producing Vita games.

rezzah2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

I know the guys who made Little Deviants, and the Socom guys, but who's the third?

For the person who disagreed with my question, I apologies for not being an all knowing God.

Maybe next time?

remanutd552237d ago

i didnt disagree but the third studio is Liverpool studio creators of wipeout series.

rezzah2237d ago

Thanks remanutd55, your response was helpful.

Carl_Shocker2237d ago

Sorry but your complaining about the price...the thing most of us were cheering about when they announced it.

Only when the 3DS got a price slash BECAUSE of the PSV were we complaining.

wolokowoh2237d ago

He/she included the memory card in his/her price which was not a factor we knew for sure about at the time. 32gb cards are about $70-80 on the better sales but Sony need to drop the list price on the cards to lower than the the sale prices($50 preferably) and possible a small price drop on the system to start moving Vitas while staying profitable. With PS+ coming to Vita there's a lot more incentive to get downloadable content for Vita over physical copies so the cost of memory needs to go down. I should be able to get everything I need for $300 or less (without taxes) and maybe slight overly over(about 30 bucks) with taxes, just like you would if you bought a 500gb PS3 now.

zebramocha2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

@chuck Nice try troll,the vita isn't expensive for what it is,spec wise it's better than an iPad at half the price and similar features.Marketing does not ensure success but makes the product known.

deletingthis346753342237d ago

Comparing apples to oranges, much?

NoFanboyRequired2237d ago

The screen alone on an ipad is probably worth just as much as a vita. If not more...

Ju2237d ago

I think this whole business model is outdated. There are mobile platforms available and the dev kits cost pretty much nothing.

No developer signs up for a new contract just to support yet another platform. I think this needs to go away sooner or later.

Playstation Mobile is $99 a year; which is maybe reasonable. But the Android SDK is free (and has better tools). iOS is maybe comparable. But charging more than that will not fly in these days and age.

The only reason why they still can do this is because there is no competing console which costs less to develop for; a PC does not count. But this simply isn't true for mobile platforms.

Playstation Mobile will probably change that - but the question will also be, if PS Mobile will replace PS Vita games or extend those. Sony tries to do both; but I guess this won't work in the long run. Maybe as long as there is no other way to publish games for the platform. But it will change quickly - if Sony will allow it.

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PimpDaddy2237d ago

Not sure why they are surprised. 3rd Party developers got burned by the PSP and Vita hardware sales are slow. I have said it before and I will say it again. Sony misjudged the demand for a dedicated handheld gaming console in todays market.

Pillsbury12237d ago

There is still potential for this beautiful beast to be amazing, look at the 3DS.

PimpDaddy2237d ago

The Vita is a beautiful BEAST. The problem is nobody outside of the really hard core impulse buyer is purchasing them right now.

wishingW3L2237d ago

that's true. And if it weren't for the Vita the PS3 support would have been even stronger. =/

longcat2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

nintendo had similar problems with the 3ds.

THe attitudes of third parties have changed. Nobody wants to launch a game with only a few million potential customers. THe market is flooded with options and games cost a lot more to make now.

I dont blame them but this is why console cycles are gonna get longer and longer