Rocksmith Game Review [Frost Magazine]

Junior Smart of Frost magazine writes 'God bless software developers Harmonix and Red Octane for creating the gaming culture of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. A culture that, for a time was relatively revered amongst gamers all over the world. But my gosh, they didn’t know how to stop riding the gravy train like a ‘bat out of hell’ until the wheels came off.
Now, those plastic guitar shaped controllers that ‘used to be cool’, suddenly became…erm…well rather embarrassing; generating feelings akin to seeing your dad step onto the dance floor or hearing your mum sing along to Tupac with wild abandon. Those pieces of plastic have ‘now gone to rest’ in the cupboard of anyone with a sense of shame. And so they should.'

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ArchangelMike2308d ago

Everyone should get Rocksmith. it's more than AWESOME.

Deadpool6162307d ago

It's the best way to learn how to play and it's fun. Win/Win :)