New Releases for the Week of September 30th-October 6th, 2012

Gamers can expect a decent amount of deja vu this week. Between HD ports of SEGA standouts Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into Dreams, an anthology of Command and Conquer titles, as well as New Little King’s Story appearance on PS Vita it might seem as if calling this week’s selection of game ‘new releases', may be a misnomer.

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JRPGLuva2921d ago


I mean Resident Evil 6 for me.

MehmetAlperTR2921d ago

Already got the game.. Leon's scenario was good.. Did not play other scenarios yet. The game is out in Turkey..

madmad2921d ago

Every week there's something for the Vita, I'm happy. In all honesty I probably won't pick up NLKS at launch, but at least I know the system is getting some support.

RaptorMan2921d ago

NiGHTS into Dreams...

I never got a chance to play Christmas NiGHTS.

mediastudies2921d ago

I have to second NiGHTS. I just hope Sega didn't mess up the port.

sharpsword2921d ago

I'll pick up the PC version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission if the price is right.

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The story is too old to be commented.