Crackdown not so Cracking

A new Crackdown fact sheet was released today and it revealed that the upcoming 360 title has been delayed until Q1 2007.

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Sphinx6211d ago

I just reserved it! Dammit!

uuuunvnv26211d ago

of course its true. why put out ALL the good games when there wont be any PS3's on the shelf till Q1 07

T-Rac6211d ago

wow never thought of that

marketing in its highest form, not actually surprising if its true

Fuzz McDeath6211d ago

...No one wants to go up against Gears....

The Snake6211d ago

Except F.E.A.R. apparently. Gears will steal a lot of FEAR's thunder even though it's a great game. Same thing happened to Doom 3 because Half Life 2 came out around the same time and overshadowed it. Damn I'd hate to be the one to go against Gears.

Optimus Prime6211d ago

exactly. nothing will touch gears. everyone knows that, no 360 games, no ps3 game, no wii game. gears of war will own.

Until halo 3 comes out

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Looking Back to 2007 and the controlled chaos of Crackdown on Xbox

Darren writes: "Despite much moaning and groaning, Xbox has had some smashing console exclusive games during its four generation lifespan. Crackdown was one such game, released in the early years of the Xbox 360"

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isarai586d ago

Still one of my all time favorite games. It hurt to see what happened to Crackdown 3 😔


Xbox 360 & OG Xbox Games Should All be Enhanced on Xbox Series X

Gamerheadquarters; "With the jump in power from the Xbox Series X all Xbox 360 and Original Xbox titles that are backwards compatible should be enhanced as soon as they’re available."

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i3eyond the Circle1316d ago

They’ve been working the past few years and have become proficient in that department so I definitely think they are capable of such a feat. Their BC through emulation that can natively upscale blows my mind and gives them an advantage over competitors using multiple hardware settings which requires higher clock speeds and produces more heat.

I caught Chaos Theory on sale and was actually blown away by how it scaled on the One X.

autobotdan1316d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 in 8k please

ziggurcat1316d ago

I imagine that they'll carry over the functionality of the X regarding playing previous gen games to the series X.


They better have good support for backwards compatibly.... Since they have no 1st pay games LMAO 😂

1315d ago
CaptainCook1315d ago

Why are you laughing at your own joke? It wasn't funny.

ElementsUnknown1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

“compatibly”, “1st pat games”: Are those supposed to be “compatibility” and “first party games”? Doesn’t really come across as an adult. No disrespect, legit question: is English not your first language?

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FanboysKiller1316d ago

And xbox one games, there are many underperformed 3rd party games that needs frames boost.