Crackdown not so Cracking

A new Crackdown fact sheet was released today and it revealed that the upcoming 360 title has been delayed until Q1 2007.

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Sphinx5914d ago

I just reserved it! Dammit!

uuuunvnv25914d ago

of course its true. why put out ALL the good games when there wont be any PS3's on the shelf till Q1 07

T-Rac5914d ago

wow never thought of that

marketing in its highest form, not actually surprising if its true

Fuzz McDeath5914d ago

...No one wants to go up against Gears....

The Snake5914d ago

Except F.E.A.R. apparently. Gears will steal a lot of FEAR's thunder even though it's a great game. Same thing happened to Doom 3 because Half Life 2 came out around the same time and overshadowed it. Damn I'd hate to be the one to go against Gears.

Optimus Prime5914d ago

exactly. nothing will touch gears. everyone knows that, no 360 games, no ps3 game, no wii game. gears of war will own.

Until halo 3 comes out

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The story is too old to be commented.