Assassins Creed Initial Impressions

Assassins Creed in all its crowning glory...

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ploody5912d ago

terrible framerate though

TR0N5912d ago

framerate or not the graphics are awesome

kmis875912d ago

The character models could be better too. But hey, they have plenty of time to add polish, and it already looks great so far.

ploody5912d ago

the graphics from the still images look awesome, but as for right now (and yea theres plenty of time left to polish) everything that moves in this game needs major major work. I was surprized to see them release a trailer like this, as opposed to the Bioshock trailer, that game seems interesting.

PS360PCROCKS5912d ago

WHAT!>?!? This looks fantastic not to mention it's off screen and it's a early live demo (THE FIRST) and let's talk gameplay the ideas in this game to be very free roaming is FANTASTIC

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