30 Minutes With Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset, Prototype-SR (PSLS)

Sony’s HMZ headset is the one getting all the attention right now, but TGS had a smaller, more private showing of a more experimental model, the Prototype-SR. My half-hour demonstration was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

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TheFinalEpisode2370d ago

From reading the article it seems as if actually has some potential to be a new standard in gaming.

knifefight2370d ago

The HMZ headset is the one being used with games right now. This one is a little bit different. Still I suppose it could be used for games. It might be interesting with the augmented reality that it uses, but the preoblem would be how much time it would take.

The movies here were pre-reorded in the room, and that's part of how it works. You'd have to make 360-degree recordings of everyone's living room for THIS particular headset to work in the way that it did. To actually use augmented reality and combine it with the 3D effects and such, would require some modifications.

But yes, all the potential is there, even if said potential takes several years to realize.

darthv722369d ago

the right time for this to make a comeback.

Especially with technology so much better now than the days of lawn mower man.

The biggest concern for many would be comfort. Then again, that has been an issue for 3d glasses as well.

No doubt the quality is very high and I am intrigued in how much more refined the tech can get.

jujubee882370d ago

There is a reason smart people like John Carmack and the industries leading game makers are developing and preparing future content on visor tech.

Will Sony be the leading force? Hard to tell. The HMZ is the most popular commercial hmd tech but Oculus will give that little visor some competition.


AnotherProGamer2370d ago

VR for PS4. that would be the true next step in gaming not all this motion gaming crap.

ftwrthtx2370d ago

A combination of the two, somehow completely melded together and working in unison, would be insane.

boybato2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Saw a tech demo of this playing Datura... or is it the old Virtual reality headset.. cool concept though.

knifefight2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Actually that was a different headset. This one isn't used for games. The one playing Datura a few months ago -- and a bunch of games at TGS -- was the HMZ headset. This one is the Prototype-SR.

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The story is too old to be commented.