Game Guys review - Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time

Barry White:
"Us old farts remember what many of us refer to as the "good old days" of video game role playing games. This was back when games came in cartridges, polygons were delegated to geometry class, "HD" meant your 3.5" floppy disk was high-density (not high definition), and 2D JRPGs were king. These days, it seems like games are all about flash and bang, bells and whistles, and glitz and glamour; so, it's comforting to see a satisfactory old school styled JRPG as a 2012 release."

Xof3895d ago


It's so weird to see Urahara's art in this game. He usually doesn't draw anything on top of boobs. That's kind of his thing.

DivineAssault 3894d ago

The art in growlanser games is awesome.. I dont like tactics games too much tho.. Very few i can actually sit through & complete.. They need to evolve in my opinion.. The in game graphics should be on a whole new level by now