New Persona 4 Golden screenshots Show Social Links and Status Upgrades

Persona 4 Golden is many things: (possibly?) savior of the PS Vita, a 100+ hour RPG epic, incredibly sexy, etc.

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kc_chang2214d ago

P4 is already awesome, not it's even MORE AWESOME!!!

ftwrthtx2214d ago

Can't wait to play this on my Vita

cfountain2214d ago

just waiting for my card to get charged and for NewEgg to ship my preorder.

wastedcells2214d ago

So glad I played P3P on my vita or may have missed this series.

ftwrthtx2214d ago

I missed out on that one.

wastedcells2214d ago

You missed persona 3. P3P is just the psp version. It's good times you should pick it up. It's like $10 on psn.