Pokémon Inspired The Army To Develop An Epilepsy Gun

Sometimes the military makes weird stuff. This is one such case of weird. Back in 1997 an episode of Pokemon revolving around Porygon aired in Japan that caused a large number of children to suffer from seizures resulting in hospitalization. What’s weird about this is that the military was going to use this as an idea for a weapon.

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Trago13372236d ago

*Fox News*

Video Games INSPIRE Militarily WEAPONRY!

but seriously that's odd

Dovahkiin2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Very odd, can't imagine the military watching pokemon, and thinking of this.

Also with Japan being discussed, I couldn't help but see weaponry as weaponly.

Myst2236d ago

Must have been that Porygon (Sp?) episode even then I'm still kind of confused as they made the connection to making it into weapons.

SeraphimBlade2236d ago

PLEASE tell me they call the weapon HM05.

jghvhv2236d ago

*GASP!* Pokemon are not tools of war! Okay,you can strap some C4 onto a Bidoof,but leave the other ones alone.

Salamander2236d ago

Why dont they just develope Pikachu.