Sonic The Hedgehog - with Tails! and other secret characters

Sega updated their official page for Sonic the Hedgehog, and revealed some awesome images of Tails. They also shown some "secret" shadowed characters that will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, and it seems like there are some returning from Sonic Adventure.

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Tut5905d ago

Anyone else but me extremely excited to get back into Sonic? =P

THE TRUTH5905d ago

his game looks great!! and one of those secret caracters looks like "knuckles" he's my fav character from the sonic games and I can't wait to play this game. I hope it lives up to the hype

PS360PCROCKS5905d ago

DL the demo guys it's hard at first to get control, the controls are really weird and sonic's hard to control and its still way easy to fly off a edge which is unbelievably frustrating for a while but after a while it's second nature and its so much fun, I LOVE sonic games and this is for sure good ol' sonic

Chronical5905d ago

I got the demo too. I find the camera is really slow and anoying and sometimes there were a bit of slowdowns. Has anyone else experienced this problem

PS360PCROCKS5901d ago

yea the camera is slow but you get used to it and I did have one instance where it was like slow mo but I restarted the demo and it was ok