Episode 280: Episode 280: Full of Drugs and an XCOM Contest

Jordan Lund can’t make Episode 280, but fortunately, Paul S. Nowak makes his triumphant return, albeit pumped full of medication. Enjoy his drug-fueled babbling as he waxes poetic on the virtues of playing social networking games while high.

He was lucid enough to discuss the following news items with the gang, however:

* Cryptic calls for new MMO review system
* BioWare Mythic “can’t make all Ultima fans happy” but hope they “enjoy nostalgia”
* PS3 version of Black Ops 2 includes optional hi-res texture install
* Wii U gamepad won’t be sold separately at launch

Gaming Podcast is also running a new contest to win a free Steam code for the hotly anticipated XCOM: Enemy Unknown remake. All listeners have to do is answer the Question of the Week, “What is your favorite game from the 1990′s?”

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