Play the future of PES on PS3

According to the latest issue of PSM3, you will play the future of Pro Evo Soccer on PS3. More info should be available soon.

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kingboy6211d ago

yea baby! nice find mate.Bring it on i`m ready

M3RCUTIO6211d ago (Edited 6211d ago )

Just so I'm clear, a forum post about Z.O.E. 3 info is somehow news worthy? I don't care who gets the next-gen PES6 when, but I don't know how this constitutes new-worthy info at this point. Seems a bit too vague to have made it through the approval process.

specialguest6211d ago (Edited 6211d ago )

im not a fan of forum news either. im also not fond of news imforming us of up coming news, but if the mods approved of it, then im not gonna complain.

***oh hail the MIGHTY Mods***

THE TRUTH6211d ago

of the magazine cover it clearly says ZOE3, but that's not as big as the clear statement

"Play the future of PES on PS3"

UrbanJabroni6211d ago

Unfortunately, the information may just be a "We'd Like to See this" or "This is rumored to come" or "Kojima says he'd like to work on it." Without the inside of the magazine it is relatively useless.

I mean, I got my GamePro with the "Previews on 20 Xbox titles, including Halo 3, GTA 4, etc" on the cover, only to discover it was like a 2 sentence blurb on each game with one tiny screenshot.

I still read game magazines, although with the advent of the internet they became relatively worthless...

kingboy6211d ago

The forum plays little or nothing with the news so far as the magazine cover shows proof and is the key element holding the info.

UrbanJabroni6211d ago

We all knew it IS coming, but the real question is when? With MS's timed exclusive, it would seem that we are talking Summer of 2007, although I'm not sure if Peter Moore mentioned this game again at x06...he may have just reconfirmed Fifa and Sensible Soccer...

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5 Of the Most Unlikeable Video Game Protagonists

There are good video game protagonists, and there are bad video game protagonists.

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15h ago
GhostScholar14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

I disagree that max is unlikable. Chloe is infinitely more unlikable in my opinion.

gold_drake6h ago

omg chloe was awful. i really hated her at the end haha

Cacabunga1h ago

Abby was absolute trash protagonist in every way..
Tidus was so meh to me..
On villain side, the one i didn’t like wa Micah, because they wanted him to be that way and it was brilliant👍🏽

Rancegamerx3h ago

I agree, I liked Max, Chloe was a horrible friend and a bad influence.

GooGobbler14h ago

What about that Forspoken Tw*t

MrChow6661h ago

exactly I was expecting it to be a the top of the list

ravens5243m ago

Ye I was expecting her too. Guess they actually played the game. Unlike you and whoever agrees.

Nerdmaster10h ago

Most of these aren't even that bad. Especially comparing to others like Squall "Whatever" Leonhart, Forspoken's Frey, and the guy from Atomic Heart.

-Foxtrot3h ago

Squall is one of the best developed main FF characters so...

People talk about his "whatever" thing thats at the start of the game, not the character he eventually becomes in the end.

BrainSyphoned2h ago

Squall is the best protagonists in FF so you can go whatever yourself.

BlaqMagiq12h ago

Except Squall has actual character development.

gold_drake29m ago(Edited 29m ago)

the "watever" is only present in the english localisation.
so your argument doesnt rly ... stand imo.

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gold_drake6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

i had to stop reading after the "blatant misogyny" in the Dantes inferno section.

i actually liked Max haha.

the forspoken chick is missing tho